From the Armchair: Houston Texans, Week 9

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Go get 'em Case!I just realized that I had “armchair duty” this week.  It’s a little late for this “good used condition, shows some wear on the edges” memory of mine to write in much detail about the Colts vs Texans game that ended in a 3-point loss for the good guys, but I’ll do my best for this most unusual time in Texans’ history.
While the Texans may not be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs just yet, I think that has been a foregone conclusion for 2 or 3 weeks now.  <Darn, it sucks to be a Texans’ fan again.>  Really and truly, the only positive change in the Texans’ recent play from that of earlier in the season is that of their starting QB.  Their special teams play is still atrocious, and the defense falls apart at the most inopportune times, like when the opponent is in the red zone.  Case Keenum, however, has done a fine job since leapfrogging from 3rd-string to starting QB two games ago.  The benching of Matt Schaub and elevation of Keenum was a major shakeup for a franchise that usually seems reluctant to make any changes, but the move has paid off so far, even if not in the win column.
Case Keenum is a totally different QB from Matt Schaub.  Schaub fits the QB physical prototype better than his former understudy, but Keenum seems to be a more dynamic leader, and he has played quite well, despite limited experience against high-level competition.  I’m a big Matt Schaub fan.  I think he represented the Texans well as one of the faces of the franchise, and I know he has had a big philanthropic presence in Houston.  For those reasons, along with the high quality of play he gave the Texans for several years, I will always be a big fan.  However, I’ve got no problem admitting that Keenum’s play the last 2 games has generated a little more pep to my step, and I’m pretty sure I noticed the same effect on his teammates.  I felt so good about the guys on our team when I read the following that Case Keenum had to say about Matt Schaub:
“It’s been really good. Somebody else used the word awkward the other day and by all accounts, from the outside it should be awkward, but it’s the total opposite. I used the example the other day, you kind of find out the most about a person when things are going wrong or when they’re kind of being put through the grinder, especially off the field stuff the past month that he’s had to deal with that nobody should have to deal with, and he couldn’t be a better guy through the whole thing. I’m extremely proud to know the guy and call him a friend because he’s still giving advice without me asking and talking plays and talking ball and just letting me know and being there for me with whatever I need has been huge. I couldn’t say enough about that guy. One of the best guys I know and I’ve been really appreciative and fortunate to have him in our quarterback room. I think we have a really good quarterback room.”
So…anyway…uh, yeah, go ahead and whip out the forks, 'cause the Texans are more than done for the 2013 season, but I still gotta love ‘em.  Maybe they will be drafting a QB in the first round of the 2014 draft, or maybe “that guy” is already on the roster.  Who knows?  In the meantime, if nothing else, Case Keenum will be fun to watch for the remainder of the season…#GoCase #GoTexans!
Up next… the Houston Texans will be at the mercy of the Arizona Cardinals.
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Nice read... thanks!

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I love Matt Schaub and I think the coaches, o-line, everything just got him stuck in his own head and he couldn't climb back out, so it really was time for a change. Keenum's not fantastic but the difference makes a difference. The offense had given up on Schaub so just having Keenum step in added a little spark again...and that's something. Also, I'm so mad I didn't think to be JJ Watt for halloween. That's one helluva monster.

p.s. I'm glad Kubes is okay, y'all need a new coach, and not wade.

11/7/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

This is one fine article. I couldn't agree more about Case. Shows the class of people Matt is with him choosing to be helpful instead of primadonning it! Speedy recovery to Coach Kubiak! Go Texans! 

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NOTE:  The collapse of HC Gary Kubiak at halftime of the home game vs the Colts was just too far out of the realm of normal for my "slightly frayed" mind to even address in this article.  (My excuse is lots of dental appts and pain medication lately. Who knew teeth got "old" right along with you? Not me!)  Anyway, didn't want anyone to think I didn't know it happened.  I just chose to not address it here.