From the Armchair: Chicago Bears, Week 14

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DA COACH!  12/9/13Final Score
Dallas - 28
Chicago - 45

Players of the Game
Dallas - D.Murray (RB) 18 / 146 YDS
Chicago - J.McCown (QB) 27/36  348 YDS, 4 TD's + 1 Rushing TD

-9 (minus 9) Degrees at kickoff……I don't care who you are and where you normally play, that's un-BEAR-able weather  cheeky

Dallas should have their entire coaching staff fired!  They started the game off running the ball down the Bears throats and it was working. The Bears defense couldn't stop the run and they were even told it was going to be a run and where D.Murray was going to run.  So, why stop?  And what is wrong with them not allowing D.Murray to get in the end zone?  He does all of the dirty work and gets them inside the 10 yard line and then they pass the ball!  3x, Dallas did this.  Dudes, trow the man a bone! (smh).

The Bears had the ball 9 times, the entire game, and scored points on 8 of those 9 times, with the only non scoring time being at the end of the game when they took a knee to run out the clock.

Josh McCown is bringing out all of the bandwagon, un-intelligent, football fans out of the wood work. You should read the comments from these assclowns, thinking they know what they are talking about and meanwhile, sounding ridiculous…..and, yes, it all centers around Cutler and McCown.

Alshon Jeffery is making a strong case, this year, that he is capable of being a #1 WR for any team. That TD catch at the end of the 1st half, was……..WOW!

So, now, we are tied with Detroit for 1st in our division, but, we are actually in 2nd place due to the tie-breaker.

And, at halftime, the Bears honored and retired DA COACH, Mike Ditka's #89 jersey and his coaching sweater. This was the 14th and last number that the Bears will retire and the 1st ever coaching sweater ever retired!


Week 15 - (7-6) Chicago @ (4-9) Cleveland - 1pm EST, Noon CST - FOX

Passing - T.Romo (11/20, 104 yds, 3 TD's)
Rushing - D.Murray (18 / 146 yds)
Receiving - T.Williams (2 / 36 yds)

Chicago - 
Passing - J.McCown (27/36, 348 yds, 4 TD's)
Rushing - M.Forte (20 / 102 yds)  (7 catches, 73 yds, 1 TD)
Receiving - B.Marshall (6 / 100 yds)

Dallas - 1 sack
Chicago - 2 sacks

Time of Possession
Dallas - 23:16
Chicago - 36:44
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My fave part of this game was Coach Ditka trying to get his ass out of the cold after his speech.