From the Armchair: DA BEARS, Week 1

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Player of the Game - AJ GREEN (CIN, WR -  9 -162 / 2 TD)
The Cincinnati Bengals were in Chicago to face the Bears and their new Coaching staff.
The game started out quickly for Chicago as Peanut Tillman picked off Andy Dalton on Cincinnati's 2nd play of the season. It was the 1st of 2 picks on the day for Tillman.  Chicago converted that pick into a TD, 7 plays later, as Cutler hooked up with new TE M.Bennett in the back of the end zone on an outstanding catch made by Bennett to starting the scoring at 7-0..
Cincinnati pretty much took control of the entire game after that. Dalton would hook up with AJ Green 9 times on Sunday for 162 yds and 2 TD's (both TD's in the 1st half) to make it a 14-7 game until Robbie Gould kicked a 58 yd FG with 11 seconds left to end the 1st half scoring at 14-10. 
Cincinnati kept that momentum going as they scored on their 1st possession of the 3rd Qtr, driving 80 yds and capping it off with a BenJarvus Green-Ellis 5 yd run to make it 21-10. But, the Bears would not lay down. Their following drive, after Cincy's score, resulted in a Matt Forte 1 yd run to cut the deficit to 21-17.
It would stay that way until the 4th QTR.  Cincinnati had the ball and was at the Chicago 27 yd line with about 12:30 mins left in the game and  WR M.Sanu had caught a pass but Tim Jennings hit caused Sanu to fumble and Jennings recovered at the CHI 19 yd line.  5 minutes later, Cutler hooked up with B.Marshall on a 19 yd pass for the TD and a 24-21 lead for Chicago.
Chicago, then, forced a 3 and out by Cincy and ran out the remaining 6:30 mins to win the game.
Chicago's defense had 3 turnovers and 1 sack (last possession of the game) but they did not look sharp. They did, however, play the way they should have, when they needed it most.  As for the offense, still some problems blocking, but for the running game this time, only. Cutler was not sacked, which is a HUGE step in the right direction, but, the running game could not find much room to run.
Marc Trestman is only the 4th Bears head coach, in history, to win in his debut (Halas, Grange & Jauron).
Week 2 -  MINNESOTA (0-1) & A.PETERSON invade CHICAGO (1-0).
Passing - DALTON  26/33 - 282 YDS - 2 TD's - 2 INT
Rushing - GREEN-ELLIS 14 CARRIES - 25 YDS 1 TD
Receiving - GREEN  9 CATCHES - 162 YDS 2 TD's
Passing - CUTLER   21/33 - 242 YDS - 2 TD's - 1 INT
Rushing - FORTE    19 CARRIES - 50 YDS - 1 TD
Passing - MARSHALL  8 CATCHES - 104 YDS - 1 TD
CINCY OFFENSE - 340 YDS (PASSING = 277 yds, RUSHING = 63 yds)
CHICAGO OFFENSE - 323 YDS (PASSING = 242 yds, RUSHING = 81 yds)
CINCY - 28:30
CHICAGO - 31:30
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9/10/13   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21524 respect

Jay Cutler still has to prove that he can beat the NFL's superior teams like Aaron Rodgers, Bress, Manning, etc...  The Bears have struggled to beat teams that are serious playoff contenders...

9/9/13   |   kobe_lova   |   62392 respect

Sorry, Ashlie.  I had SJACK on my fantasy teams tooo many times to know that he is injury prone. Lets hope he's good to go this year

I know he gets hurt, workhorses have that issue sometimes, but I choose to think positive and believe he will stay healthy!

9/9/13   |   Sharp Square   |   11959 respect

Didn't see much of this one but it was the kissing your sister "Push" bet of the day for many in wagering circles so it brought about many complaints  laugh

But Cincy does have some talent on that defense and its pretty solid work not allowing a sack. 

9/9/13   |   ohwell_   |   16541 respect

I actually thought Cincinnati was gonna win this one.  Bears O line has the same problems as the Dolphins.

PS, Cincinnati is giving me spell check issues.  I kept thinking M I S S I  S S I P P I


9/9/13   |   kobe_lova   |   62392 respect

jswol54 wrote:
You're damn right it is.  Cincy's DL is top notch, and considering our RG and RT are rookies, Jay Cutty not getting sacked was huge.
(Edited by kobe_lova)

But based on what Nick posted about Jackson, I am now "thinking" of things that "could" happen to him.

9/9/13   |   jswol54   |   20819 respect

kobe_lova wrote:
Whiny Cutler not getting hit is a win in itself.

Good job.

You're damn right it is.  Cincy's DL is top notch, and considering our RG and RT are rookies, Jay Cutty not getting sacked was huge.

9/9/13   |   kobe_lova   |   62392 respect

Whiny Cutler not getting hit is a win in itself.

Good job.

9/9/13   |   JenX63   |   33174 respect

I did not see this game, but I have to say I was a bit surprised the Bears allowed Cincy to get that close. I thought it would be a blowout.