From the Armchair: Falcons, Week 1

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWeek 1 kicked off in the Superdome for us (BOOOO!). There were statistical things and backstories that may or may not matter. Injuries, rookies, people returning, blah. It was a good (and typical) game, Division games, man. I enjoyed it very much though...and talked to my fellow Falcons friiind about it. Just our thoughts, what we're feeling at this time:

Oh hiiii, my name is Ashlie and I’m a cancer.
Beans: Hello Ash, I’m Beans. I'm good with cornbread.
Ash: lmao
Ash:‎ So, of course it comes down to the last play!
Ash‎: Stupid Falcons, extra Stupid S*ints! I'm going call them that from now on. Stupid S*ints. I love the alliteration.

Beans: ‎Well, the game was winding down as well as I could have hoped or planned. Gonzalez was covered and I actually was hoping for Jackson possibly running to the corner for a TD. What did you think?
Ash:‎ I was hoping for a Jackson TD but I understand the Gonzalez option. It's a pretty reliable option, you know?

Beans: TG is the go to guy for sure. And it will work quite a few times this year. So, I was fine with the decision. I am totally armchair qb’ing here.
Ash:‎ Heh. I love our offense. I did NOT love that second half protection of my QB very much. I remember saying, "Oh, so the Stupid S*ints found some defense?"

Beans:‎ I have been wondering if the Mike Johnson injury would affect the line, I am hoping to see a little more protection for Ryan. And yeah, since when did the S*ints have a defense?
Ash:‎ Ugh, I suppose whenever they play us. All of a sudden... Stupid S*ints! Plus they had the much sexier Jesus-y looking Rob Ryan over there, too.

Beans: (tangent)
Beans: Yeah, I was so digging the hair thing. god i miss my ponytail/beard days.
Ash‎: Nooo, looking like Bond is much better than looking like Jesus. Some people nailed him to a cross, ya know?
Ash:‎ All in all, I'm not disappointed in the line, but they must do better. I wasn't particularly disappointed in anything really. I'm big on D, as you know, mostly because we never have any, and I must say from watching preseason, I thought we would be okay this year. I didn't care that ‘Sante was out at all. I was looking forward to seeing Alford and Trufant in a real game. They did pretty well. Young on D is better than really old and useless on D.

Beans: Yeah, DB has been a sore spot for me and the Falcons. They looked good, and they won't face Drew Brees every weekend. I have a fuzzy feeling that the secondary may be okay. Like super okay.
Beans: Yeah, I’ll go with Bond thing. :)
Ash:‎ Exactly, These two teams make me sick when they play each other, but if I were an outside fan, I'd always look forward to them. I'm going to need a lot more alcohol.

Beans:‎ I had a weird feeling in my gut when it was 10 zip falcons and jones fumbled the pass in the first half. I knew we had to limit turnovers with NOS. And in the Superdome, I never feel comfortable.
Ash: Ever.

Beans: Yes, ever.
Ash:‎ Speaking of Stephen Jackson and sexy, 39 never looked so nice as it did rocking the red and black. If he stays healthy, man alive!

Beans: Yeah, as soon as I heard Jackson signed I knew I would be checking out the jersey online. I will own one. Great player and great guy to have on our team.
Ash:‎ Plus, I don't like leads like that early from us, doesn't end well, but despite allat, we still had the chance to win! :)

Beans: Ash, that is what I wanted out of this game. We looked good; I am extremely excited about this year. They had a chance to win on the road, I’ll take it. We will make a lot of those plays successfully this year.
Ash:‎ Indeed. Ryan looked good, Idc what Sid says. D looked decent. Offense looked good overall. My coaches and GM looked good. A little more time together is all we need. It’s like a high C, really low B. We won't be 16-0, but I guess I can settle for 15-1...Stupid S*ints.
Ash:‎ If that happened and they were playing the Jets or somebody, I'd be pissed right now though.

Beans: Heck, I'll go B- easy. It won't happen against the Jets. Falcons would have beat 75% of the NFL yesterday.
Ash: True!

Beans: And I mean on the road.
Ash: Ha, yup!

Beans:Is Sid cracking on us?
Ash:‎ Oh, he was being a butt. Lol. I just ignored it cause I'm such a classy broad. :)

Beans: Ha, i am willing to bet he was praying, lighting 50 candles, chanting, and begging like a puppy the last two minutes of the game.‎ ;)
Ash:‎ Like the rest of us! I'll punch him in the face next time!

Til next week!
Falcons/Rams at 1pm EST. Go Falcons!
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Dan_B wrote:
Great job, and sorry about the loss. I have the Falcons going to the Super Bowl this year, so I hope they turn it around!!


9/10/13   |   Beaneaters   |   17821 respect

kobe_lova wrote:


9/10/13   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

Great job, and sorry about the loss. I have the Falcons going to the Super Bowl this year, so I hope they turn it around!!

9/10/13   |   kobe_lova   |   62039 respect

Beaneaters wrote:
Great job, Ashlie, thanks for putting all together. When the Falcons split with the Saints in the Georgia Dome, it will be like ATL 75% NOS 25%.



9/9/13   |   Beaneaters   |   17821 respect

Great job, Ashlie, thanks for putting all together. When the Falcons split with the Saints in the Georgia Dome, it will be like ATL 75% NOS 25%.


9/9/13   |   kobe_lova   |   62039 respect

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And by never, he means always!

also, :@

9/9/13   |   Sharp Square   |   11945 respect

Obviously im never a butt - this was added in clearly for an exaggerated dramatic effect  enlightened

 "I'm sure they'll split"
Jessica don't be mean you know its not nice to encourage false hope  surprise

9/9/13   |   Jess   |   34925 respect

I kinda figured something like this would happen. Saints/Falcons games are always immensely entertaining. I'm sure they'll split, and I'm sure the Falcons and Saints will give their fans anxiety attacks again when they play in Atlanta.

I'll admit I was a bit ticked it was on at the same time my guys played - I would have liked to watch it. 

9/9/13   |   ohwell_   |   16446 respect

 I expected the Falcons to win, so I was disappointed about the outcome.
I feel as if I just stumbled upon the cheater phone ap.   cheeky I like living vicariously!!

Great job!!


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