From the Armchair: Falcons, Week 10

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Beans: Aassssshhhhlllllliiiiiiiiiieeeeeee.
Ash: Well helloooo.
Beans: The year 2013 hates me.
Ash: Well good thing it’s almost done.
Beans: Yes. Do you hate me for hyping this cluster**** up?
Ash: Ha, course not. I find you quite entertaining, Beans.
Beans: Wait, are you laughing with me or at me? I can handle both  cheeky
Ash:  Both. lol
Beans:  I think I have found the next purchase in my ATL Falcons gear collection. They have a Falcons belt buckle that has a bottle opener on it. At least it would be useful. Looks like it would go well with my Nike shorts, cowboy hat, and upcoming cowboy boots purchase. They want $26 bucks for it so it would just be a continuation of the hosing they have been handing me this year. Why do I feel like Linus in a pumpkin patch?
Ash: Hah. Does that make me Lucy?
Beans: No, you can be Ashlie and I can be Beans. We can wait in the Georgia Dome for the Atlanta Falcons to show up and win a game. I knew it would be ugly, no matter how good Jess tried to make us feel in last week's Armchair.
Ash: Oh Jess and that reverse psychology crap she's been saying every game all season! I’m on to her game.
Beans: Yeah, she can't trick us... can she? I think a blood alcohol level of 0.4 is the only way to watch the Falcons from here on out. As dismal as it is going, I am really looking forward to the Birds beating the crap out of the S*ints at the Dome soon. (Here is where we sit in the Georgia Dome and wait on the Great Falcons.)
Ash: (Ha. I’ll be drunk.)…. And that sounds right.
Beans: I think it is just fugly from this point out. Ryan threw 36 passes without one ending up in Sherman's hands, so that was one positive. Jackson had a 9 rushes for 11 yards kind of day. Luckily, we have him back in the lineup.
Ash: Lmao. I can't do this with you. I have nothing on this game.
Beans: I miss Turner. I know he was slow as a herd of snails wading through peanut butter, but he could have fallen 9 times and averaged at least two yards a carry.
Ash: Well, we have 3 RB options and it’s like they realized that, but very late. Stupidness.
Ash: I watched it all, and I was happy for the positives and felt nothing during the failures. I actually don’t think I cussed or discussed one second of the game Sunday. indecision I may have gone crazy. LOL
Beans: Yeah, I get what you are saying. I keep saying I don't care. Then I cry for about three hours. Then say I don't care for a few hours. So on and so on...
Ash: Vicious cycle. I’m dead inside now.
Beans: At least the defense looked awesome.
Ash: Uh yeah, idk if that was a joke or not. indecision
Beans: You know I am talking about Seattle here, right?
Ash: Ha! kk
Beans: I am trying to pick some positives.
Ash: I see. Continue.
Ash: I got to see Thor and Loki on Thorsday. That was my weekend positive, btw. My  
contribution to this Armchair.
Beans: I raked leaves and told a neighbor down the street to quit dumping his leaves in a gully across from me.
Ash: Walker, Texas Ranger is on. He probably can play safety.
Beans: Yeah, I wish the Ricky Bobby movie came out before I named my daughters. I would have named the oldest one Walker and the other, well, you know.
Ash: Haha.
Beans: My new shoes came in today. Speaking of the Falcons running game…
Ash: Oooh shoes!
Beans: Oh, and my beard is coming in all white. Just in time for Christmas.
Ash: SANTA! I'm so happy about that!
Beans: I am looking for some ATL Falcons dr*wers online, that way when they get beat I can go outside with a cold brew and p*ss all in them. I'll consider it therapy.
Ash: Who said what now? lol
Beans: Nothing, I was just thinking out loud kinda.
Ash: Don’t let the Falcons make you incontinent. They mess up their own underpants enough.
Beans: Oh, don't worry about the Falcons doing that to me, I plan to stay in the United States the whole time I'm doing it.
Ash: *snort* very well then.
Beans: ;~)
Beans: I want them to beat the S*ints, Ashlie. And the Panthers are really ticking me off.
Ash: Right? Those C**** ***********. BOOO!
Beans: 10-9 over San Fran.
Beans: I wanted it to be a tie.
Ash: Yes.
Beans: Forever.
Ash: Indeed.
Anyway, we will be on some field next week looking bewildered. Til then. Whatever.
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Jason_ wrote:
So Beans is going to be able to open a beer bottle with his FUPA area?  Im jealous.

I'll check on a Miami Dolphins one for you, Jason.


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So Beans is going to be able to open a beer bottle with his FUPA area?  Im jealous.

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(Edited by Jess)

I swear to you lovelies it's not reverse psychology. Dude, the Seahawks almost lost to the Bucs...AT HOME! They barely beat St. Louis (they shouldn't have, let's be honest), and they bumbled their way to the win against the Titans before that. I was just being honest...the Falcons game skrred me out of my mind. The Seahawks just chose this game to actually play a complete game - but I guess at least they saved you the heart attacks too?  heart kiss

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heart always an aawesome read...thank you so very much