From the Armchair: Falcons, Week 2

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Falcons/Rams... Just our thoughts, how we are feeling at this time:

Me: Hello there.
Beans: How is it going?
Me: Eh, it's okay. How are you?
Beans: Good and pissed…which is okay. We need some falcons to heal up.
Me: Yes, yes we do :/. They are already pissing me off.
Beans: Yes. They have to do better…tough schedule this year. The running game is nonexistent and I hit someone.
Me: lol, violence is the answer!
Beans: I want to hit someone. Oops.
Me: Oh, well, hmmm.
Beans: I’ll try not to type bad words in this armchair
Me: Glad you survived week 2.
Beans: I think “survived” is the right word. Not sure exactly which part pissed me off more.
Me: The f****** defense looking like all the seasons past is what did it for me.
Beans: Yes, I was hoping the moves they made during the offseason would get things going on defense. I ain't seeing it so far.
Me: Yeah, I still expect good things, esp since they were better last week. I know they’re rookies, but still. They looked just like babies yesterday, all of a sudden. They sat Samuel which was for the best, but then it didn't matter much in the second half. They were awful, and seemed worn down. Why, I don't damn know. It's not their first time!
Beans: Yes, they aren't playing like I believe they can. I know there are some folks banged up and we have the rookie factor, but ATL has a tough schedule this year and everyone needs to pick up their play now!
Me: Indeed. I know you didn't get to watch, and you should be thankful you just had to listen. I had 2 mini strokes, I'm sure. People were all...they've been better about the quick starts. Well, screw that, I prefer the slow one. If we are a "half" team, I think I’d rather the second half. Jerks.
Beans: It would have killed me. I tried to listen to the game on internet radio but it was buffering every 3 seconds, I checked the score and followed the best I could. I need the Panthers to lose 10 games in a row and the Falcons to go undefeated all the way out so they will show them on local TV.
Me: Aww, poor long distance fans...ew Panthers. No one should have to see them. Ever.
Beans: Yeah, I mean Carolina vs. Buffalo on TV. Really?
Me: Lmao, ugh. And yeah, those injuries are taking their toll already. The minute Kroy went down, I was hurt...and then he limped out and I just *heavy ass sigh*....
Me: On another note, even playing a little hurt, Julio was Julio. And even more hurt Decoy White had a few key catches.
Beans: Yes, the Birds are banged up but the Ryan/Jones bromance was wonderful. I have to give props to Douglas and Snelling, too.
Me: Yes, I was about to say those 2 were great as well. If our offense is healthy, we look amazing. O-line was better this week, too. But, they can still do much better.
Beans: I look forward to a healthy offense. Still believe the O-line will come together, I just don't want Ryan banged up in the process.
Me: Exactly. Watching Osi get his pick 6 was fun! He ran the whole way smiling, lol. That's my defensive plus, I suppose. I think that was his first one, too. But besides that, f*** lazy, non-tackling defense because the offense always gets us there, but nothing will happen unless the D pulls their **** together.
Beans: I think plays like that will get the D where they need to be. We have big play guys and it will come together. I don't give a **** what Sid says.  :)
Me: HA. Okay, I’m holding on to your words cause I could cut a bitch right now.
Beans: Need a knife? It will be OK, I promise.
Me: LOL, Nah I have knives!
Beans: :)
Me: Well, they did hold on and get the W, that's something I suppose, but against the Rams, it just shouldn't have been that hard.
Beans: Is Becky reading this? ATL scares me with a big lead. I'll be glad when they play a full 4 quarters.
Me: She is, I knew I was gonna get a look as soon as it left my fingers. Heartchoo Teach. 4 qtrs will be something to see, but I don't expect it because their goal in this life is to give me a heart attack.
Beans: Well, they need to quit all that nonsense.
Me: Seriously.
Beans: I need you hanging around all season this year.
Me: I'll be here! Drunk maybe, but here.
Beans: Drunk is good.
Me: Well, I think I got all of my bitching out of my system for now... I just want everyone healthy and back on the field next week; 2 gimps already, then losing Jackson and Kroy early, then Ewing, and I think Spoooon is hurt…this is... sh**. Kroy might be out for the season, too, but I don't want to think about it... I'm done for this week. Ugh.
Beans: Yeah, I am not liking all the injuries this early into the season. Week three will be a good Falcons week. Go Falcons.
Me:  I sure hope so...Go US!
Beans: OMG!

Next up: Falcons @ Dolphins at 4:05p EST.
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Sharp Square wrote:

Watch it!

9/17/13   |   Sharp Square   |   11959 respect

9/17/13   |   Beaneaters   |   17854 respect

Good morning football ladies. :-)

I like these Armchair things... and wearing sweatpants.

Go Falcons and great job, Ashlie.

9/17/13   |   kobe_lova   |   62297 respect

Cali_Kat wrote:
Was he? LOL

sweats,, and a tshirt with a guitar on it, I think :)

LOL, Jen... I typed Hen at first.

9/17/13   |   JenX63   |   33111 respect

I agree with Kat. Plus the added bonus of putting you two in a different scenario every week. This week y'all are sitting on the back porch drinking hooch.

9/17/13   |   Cali_Kat   |   15603 respect

kobe_lova wrote:
:D I just realized I left out the part where I asked if he was wearing pants. lol

Was he? LOL

9/16/13   |   kobe_lova   |   62297 respect

Cali_Kat wrote:
These are very entertaining. I feel like I am eavesdropping on your conversation! :heart:

:D I just realized I left out the part where I asked if he was wearing pants. lol

9/16/13   |   Cali_Kat   |   15603 respect

These are very entertaining. I feel like I am eavesdropping on your conversation! :heart: