From the Armchair: Falcons, Week 3

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsMe:‎ Soooo, you're still sad?
Me:‎ I think I’m not because I was mentally prepared for an L.
Beans: ‎I guess not too bad, I know Miami has a real good team that’s coming together. The crowd was into it, I had the craziest feeling they were coming back.
Me:‎ Of course they were… It's the Falcons! Jerks.
Beans: ‎ F***ers blush
Beans: ‎ Yeah, the Falcons red zone play on both sides of the ball needs to step up quick, or else Sid is never gonna let up on you and me.
Me:‎ Ha, indeed. Though, I doubt it changes either way.‎ I actually thought the defense did pretty well considering.
Me:‎ for 3 damn qtrs. :/
Beans: ‎ Ashlie, lie to me and say it will happen.
Beans: ‎ Yeah, the Falcons play a mean 3 quarters.
Me:‎ Lmao… and the offense was decent. For a while it looked like Ryan and the rest of the team were playing catch. Miami's D should work on that.‎ We easily walked down the field what? 3x in the first half.
Me:‎ did you get to see this game?
Beans: ‎ I was in Georgia at a family reunion. Dammit.
Me:‎ Awww, in my great state?! Fantastic.
Me:‎ Well, they looked exactly like I wanted and didn't expect, but then they get down there and can't finish.
Me:‎ A girl doesn't like that. ever. EVER! devil
Beans: ‎ Yeah, you chicks like a great finish... from what I can remember. indecision
Me:‎ Heh. Yus.
Beans: ‎They move the ball but you can’t win on field goals, unless you are playing the Jaguars. Then, you only need two... maybe.
Me:‎ Ha! And then the kicker failed at kicking one of those times :/.
Beans: ‎The running game was a pleasant surprise. I like the 5 sacks, 2 by Osi Rexjhgfkhfgyfguh. Osi's jersey needs to be long sleeved.
Me:‎ Omg, I was glad to see that running! That spelling is perfection.
Beans: ‎ I was hoping I was close; you know how they are in here about spelling. indecision
Me:‎ Lil Quizz and Snelling were slippery and strong!
Me:‎ Lmao, Omg... I do know how WE are about spelling.
Beans: ‎ Well, I wasn't (ASH) going to (ASH) mention (ASH) any names.
Me:‎ hah, mmhmm.‎ Oh, aww, you still haven't gotten to watch the Ryan/Julio connection this season. It's lovely. The Dolphins were playing him too closely, LOL. I want him to be free.
Beans: ‎ No, sure am reading about it though. I have the Birds on TV the next two weeks. I’ll be super gluing the eyes wide open both days.
Me:‎ Finally! YAY! He's kinda great. Wouldn't even know about the knee issue once the game started. I dig that.
Beans: ‎ OMG! *have no idea what this was for, I just thought he’s so random*
Beans: ‎ I look forward to Roddy coming back 100%, if we can get everyone healthy who knows what can happen.‎ How did the DBs look?
Me:‎ Right? That’s why I didn't spazz this week, with so many injuries, adjustments are going to have to be made until people get right. Douglas is quite helpful as always. Rookie TE scored, and I was glad. I do not like Drew Davis.
Me:‎ The babies? They don't know how to play defense in the fourth. I'm about ready to go slap em in the face………. but they are okay. LOL. Works in progress.
Beans: ‎They will be fine. Oh and boo Drew.
Me:‎ They better be, but really they are already better than last season...IMM anyway. Are you wearing pants today? Kat wants to know.
Beans: ‎ If ever there was a good time to play NE, this is the year. I am looking forward to a win next week. Pants? No, I am not wearing pants right now.
Beans: ‎ I am wearing shorts cheeky
Me:‎ Ha, shorts are for teaser! We shall win next week, and Sid shall root for us, too :D
Beans: ‎ Great and yes. I can't wait.
Me:‎ Me either!
Beans: ‎ It is nice playing against teams a lot of folks hate. Extra fans.
Me:‎ LOL, even the evil fans.
Beans: ‎ Yeah, I think even Satan pulls against the Patriots. laugh
Me:‎ Ha, y'all are crazy, but I hope they suck tremendously next game.
Me:‎ That's all I have since I don't really have anything to whine about. They played good enough to win ‘cept in the red zone when it counts, so hopefully they fix that sh** this week.
Beans: ‎ Crazy ain't so bad once you learn to embrace it.
Me:‎ Brady has taught plenty to embrace the crazy, it seems.
Me:‎ Oh! Tannehill with no helmet looks like a little Philip Rivers, it kept making me laugh. (thinking of Jason)
Beans: ‎ Ha, don't tell Rogs.‎ Did he cry as much as Rivers?
Me:‎ LOL, no. He was rushed and sacked like 5 or 6x, IMM cause numbers I don’t know, and even though he got flustered, in the end he held his sh** together enough to get the win. They needed more of that in the 1st along with better pass protection.
Beans: ‎ Thanks for letting me do these with you.
Me:‎ Thanks for doing them with me.
Beans: ‎ I'd like to see Brady sacked about 18 times next week, btw.
Me:‎ LOL. That'd be something to see.
Beans: ‎*puts on glasses* I'll be wearing these just so I don't miss it.
Me:‎ sexy.

Next up: Patriots at 830p Sunday night. Go Falcons!
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ummm, sorry.....

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Kenne wrote:
Beans puts in half the work & Ashlie collects all the respect. What up with that?

I'm ok just lurking in the shadows.


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Kenne wrote:
Beans puts in half the work & Ashlie collects all the respect. What up with that?

Mind yo business, *****.

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Beans puts in half the work & Ashlie collects all the respect. What up with that?

9/23/13   |   kobe_lova   |   62332 respect


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