From the Armchair: Falcons, Week 7

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Blog Photo - From the Armchair: Falcons, Week 7Beans:‎ Hello Ashlie, are you counting down all those wins I have predicted?
Me:‎ Hah, hello Beans...I am uhh.... laughing cause I KNEW you were gonna be all "I told you". LOL
Beans:‎ Yup, I'll be telling you so again this time next week. You will love watching the Falcons in the playoffs this year.
Me:‎ Mmhmm. I would love to see a unicorn on my street too.
Beans:‎ It can happen. It was good to see Harry Douglas rise up to the occasion.
Me:‎ He did so well, I was glad he got to shine. 140 in first half! And others got to see how helpful he always is. We knew that but ‘merica didn’t.
Beans:‎ Atlanta had to make adjustments, and it looked as though they have. Jackson will be back in the next game. He will get us 115 yds and a TD. My god, did you see the size of that unicorn?
Me:‎ Jackson is playing? Are we sure about this?
Me:‎ And don’t think i didn’t cuss this entire. game. I know we have like 8 people out of defense, but f**k that, no excuse for such sh**ty play. Man, they are crapola.
Beans:‎ Ashlie, they are coming together. Yeah, they look sh** but it wasn't the super smelly kind. Not cussing and Falcons football mixes like oil and vinegar. They will give me a heartache every game this year. I did like the defensive score at the beginning of the game. Glad one side of the ball knows what the redzone is for.
Me:‎ Haha. Yeah, the only good thing they did basically. They should have been up 21-0 at the end of the half. Speaking of, Gawd, Tampa is awful. They had 100+ penalties and deserved most of them. They are beyond a mess.
Beans:‎ I am OK with Tampa Bay sucking immensely.
Me:‎ Yep. And stupid Rams helping Carolina…
Beans:‎ Yeah, I loathe Carolina.
Beans:‎ I want Arizona to suck at least that much next week.
Me:‎ More. Kenne is kinda obnoxious.
Beans:‎ Kinda?
Me:‎ Yes, Lol. Anyway, even dumb Drew Davis completed a catch. That’s something.
Beans:‎ How awesome is that?
Me:‎ Meh, Lol. I hate him so. Glad Tony didn’t have to truly carry the load.
Beans:‎ Me too, I want a good year for him. WRs have to step up. They just gotta. I am looking forward to Atlanta beating the sh** outta the S*ints at the Dome.
Me:‎ OMG…
Me:‎ They are dropping like flies, too so maybe we will be evenly matched, lol.
Beans:‎ I saw that, heck of a lot of folks banged up this past weekend. Maybe before the season is out all the other teams will out IR us and we win this thing.
Me:‎ Lmao.‎             indecision
Beans:‎ What? One can hope.
Me:‎ Indeed.
Beans:‎ Ashlie, you are pissing off the leprechauns and the trolls right now. They're just saying.
Me:‎ Haha, they will be alright.‎ Quizz looked good. Ryan looked good as usual.

Beans:‎ Quizz has been a pleasure to watch. Ryan is great and he will discover the end zone a lot from here on out.
Me:‎ He damn well better.
Beans:‎ I'm not sure what is up with Roddy this year. Almost looks like a bad case of the idontwannas. If he heals up, he needs to play his ass off. We need him back. Turbly.
Me:‎ Injury flu? I know he wanted to play but they probably shouldn't have let him play the first 3 games. We do need him. I think he wants to be out there, but he’s just reaggravating it all. His ass better get in gear. We ain’t got time for nonsense on this amazing playoff run. indecision
Beans:‎ Ash, you will be standing on your head in sheer awesome joyness soon... 10-6.
Me:‎ I would stroke.
Beans:‎ No, you have to stay here and suffer with me.
Me:‎ We make it that far, we better win it all.
Beans:‎ I can't wait until the playoffs, Ash. We beat the Hoity Toities by 10 this Sunday.‎ 400 yards of offense this week.‎ Our defense faces Palmer, what is he, like 97?‎ Easy ******* peasy.
Me:‎ You think? Your optimism scares the hell out of me. Also, America keeps picking my team to win games despite the fact that we are all hurt and started terribly, that bugs the sh** out of me. Stop picking us!
Beans:‎ I believe like a mofo.
Me:‎ Man alive.
Beans:‎ Think about it, we have really only had our d**ks handed to us in one game this season.
Me:‎ I don’t even recall that. We've been in every game.
Beans:‎ Yes. Eventually things start going our way. It is about to begin.
Me:‎ 4-4 here we come!
Beans:‎ 10-6.
Me:‎ okay.
Beans:‎ Promise.

Me:‎ I feel like we've said absolutely nothing and I’m quite content with that. smiley
Beans:‎ It works for me, Go Falcons!

Next up: Cardinals at 4:25pm EST over there.
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Awesome as usual! I'll be seeing y'all in December!