From the Armchair: Green Bay Packers Week 3

From the Arm Chair: Green Bay Packers Week 3

9/22/13 in NFL   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

Blog Photo - From the Armchair: Green Bay Packers Week 3Weirdest. Game. Ever.

I ain't even mad. 8 turnovers in this game. 4 a piece. It was the most entertaining bad football ever.

Cincinnati started off with 14 straight points, gave up 30 more in a row, and then scored the last 20 to win by four. The Bengals are the first team in NFL history to lead by 14+, trail by 16+, and still win a game. So, there's that.

As a Packer fan, there's hard to take a whole lot out of this game. It was weird. I don't think it says much about our season.  Andy Dalton is still a creepy, soulless ginger, but that may be the Badger fan in me speaking.  Jonathan Franklin made his NFL debut today and looked terrific, becoming the second straight 100 yard rusher for the Packers. If there is any long term good for the Packers from this game, it would be that the running game may be legitimate.  Clay Matthews has a hamstring injury but who knows how serious that is.  Andy Dalton did become a somewhat okay quarterback after he left the game though, so if the injury is long term, the Packers may be in trouble.

The Packers move on to a bye week which may be needed. Clay Matthews, Morgan Burnett, James Starks, Eddie Lacy, and Jermichael Finley are all hurt and could use a couple of weeks before playing again.  Outside of that, the Packers may need a week to sit on this ridiculous game and get it out of their system.
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9/24/13   |   JenX63   |   33132 respect

"It was the most entertaining bad football ever"


9/23/13   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

There are only 5 NFC teams with a winning record right now, so I'm not worried yet. I wish the schedule was just a little easier, but oh well.

Originally I wasn't happy having the bye so early, but now it's clearly come at a fortuitous time.

9/23/13   |   kobe_lova   |   62324 respect

The injuries this year are something else. Sick of them, I am. 8000 crazy ass rules to make the game safer, and players are randomly and quite early into this season dropping like flies anyway. :/ Of course, early is better than pretty much all facets of life.