From the Armchair: Jets, Week 6

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Blog Photo - From the Armchair: Jets, Week 6
quoth the Jet fan: "ugh."
They just can't seem to win 2 in a row. Geno and the Jets' rollercoaster season continued, following up their stunning Monday Night win at Atlanta with a dud on 6 days later on Sunday. 

Red zone challenged

Geno Smith threw 2 crucial late-game INTs, both when the Jets were knocking on the door, poised to put points on the board. Go back earlier in the game on the Jets first possession and you'll see them unable to make a statement from the get-go, not converting on 3rd and short within the 5 yard line and instead settling to kick the field goal. These were the pivotal possessions that lost the Jets the game. 

Say it ain't Cro

Antonio Cromartie was a game time decision as he tried to stave off the ill-effects of a hyperextended knee he suffered in practice on Friday. Exhibiting his toughness, he started, but in hindsight it was not for the best. Cromartie was burned over the top in single coverage and gave up the only touchdown of the game (see above). He had a minor hip injury to begin the season, has now tacked on a minor knee injury, and whether or not this is affecting his play, one thing is clear-- this is not the same Cromartie who stepped in near-seamlessly for Darrelle Revis last season. He may just need to sit out a week or two to get healthy, but with the Patriots, Bengals and Saints on the schedule before the bye week, it's going to be tough to watch from the sideline. 

Hello, Goodbye

In his second game back since his suspension, Mike Goodson flashed the explosiveness and big-play ability the Jets need so desperately. As it goes, it looks very likely that Goodson will miss the rest of the season after suffering a knee injury late in the game against the Steelers. This is just flat-out bad luck, as the Jets front office put their neck on the line for Goodson, a player they had just signed to a 3-year deal in the off-season and had helped him work his way through his off-the-field issues. Just as it seemed they were going to reap the rewards for putting their faith into Goodson, he may very well be out for the season.

The one that got away

This is a game the Jets are going to really regret. They know it already. With the Patriots, Bengals and Saints coming up before their bye week, this was the most winnable contest and would have put them at a comfortable 4-2. One big play early may have changed everything. With the Steelers backed up in their own endzone, Muhammed Wilkerson came free and had a clean shot at Big Ben but was unable to take him down for the safety. In the end, 'an opportunity missed' is how the entire game can be characterized.

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That sucks about Goodson.