From the Armchair: New Orleans Saints, Week 1

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Editors note: Some of our "From the Armchair" articles will be written and submitted to us by fans of the teams who either cannot or do not want to post fan articles. In cases such as these, I will be publishing them on their behalf. For the New Orleans Saints, I present to you, Sharp_Square!

Blog Photo - From the Armchair: New Orleans Saints, Week 1New Orleans Saints defense from worse to first? I know, I know, mind your head, don't be getting all carried away, its just one game. Well okay, maybe not first, but when you finished last season as one of the worst defenses in league history any sign of potential is exciting. Plus, to open the season with a win over a division rival, especially the Falcons, makes it even that much sweeter. It was as it usually is, a drag em out fight coming down to the last few possessions, making for an exciting game for all. Yes, I know Matty Ice has been choking since he was born but he does most of that in the playoffs and we beat em A LOT, but it was still a nail biter and took a great defensive play by Saints on final play to seal the deal. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

But even with an improved defensive effort and the always stellar play of star QB Drew Brees, the Saints have work to do heading into week 2. The lack of a running game was a problem for the Saints all of last season and continued to be a weakness against the Falcons. The NFL is becoming a "2 back league" for many teams, and for Saints a 3 back rotation between Ingram, Thomas, and Sproles, but would using a feature back for a majority of the carries be a better option? The Saints can't seem to get any kind of rhythm running the ball and maybe the constant RB rotation is part of that problem, and using a single back for consecutive series may be a better way to go. As good as Brees is against the better defenses in the league, not being able to run the ball consistently will become a problem. Plus, there are still some kinks to be worked out as we settle into the new defensive system. So lets get on that ASAP !

Player to watch: Kenny Stills
Stills was impressive in preseason and seems to be the "down the field" speed option to compliment Marcus Colston and Jimmy Graham. He was targeted by Brees on several plays against the falcons this week and I have to believe he will continue to be worked into the offensive game plan even more in coming weeks. He may be a solid FA pickup for all the fantasy football junkies out there in need of a 3rd WR or a solid up and coming backup with some potential.
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Beaneaters wrote:
Popping in here for a minute. Had the urge to read some science fiction.

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That entire first paragraph should have been edited out. Ugh.

Go Falcons.

(p.s. my second fave one of these :heart:)

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Beaneaters wrote:
Popping in here for a minute. Had the urge to read some science fiction.


HA  cool

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I don't think Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram and Darren Sproles are the answer to the saints' run offense...  The Saints will be a pass-happy team meaning that Drew Brees will have to air it out 93% of the time...

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I love-love-loved Rob Ryan running a hybrid of his daddy's 46 Defense for a lot of the game. That 3 Safety thing kinda worked, especially with Harper up near the box. I'm not sure if it can last, but I'll take that win. Impressive since I doubt the Falcons are held under 20 pts again this year.

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Popping in here for a minute. Had the urge to read some science fiction.


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Soooo (dramatic pause) Sid gets a secretary!

I thought this game was also one of the best this weekend. Seeing the Saints get back to themselves was refreshing. I was a bit concern when I saw the camera flash on Coach Peyton and it appaeared he had A: a face lift or B: he was wearing eyeliner. Other than that I was much entertained.