From the Armchair: Oakland Raiders Week 13

12/3/13 in NFL   |   Cali_Kat   |   15589 respect

I don't have a whole lot to say about this game. I like that the Raiders stayed in it, and played the second half, but disappointed because we didn't win. 

Maybe I was wrong about McGloin, maybe not. I still haven't seen him win a game. But you know I don't know if any QB could win if our Offensive line isn't helping any. I can say it was an exciting game though, I mean I think so many people thought this was gonna be a blow out. I'm sure some Dallas fans were thinking that it wasn't worth watching, I'm glad that we made it a watchable and a good game. 

Next up is a road trip to play the Jets....hey we may stand a chance!! :) 
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12/5/13   |   kobe_lova   |   61936 respect

I didn't think it was gonna be a blow out! But I'm quite the optimist. lol

12/4/13   |   Sharp Square   |   11945 respect

McGloin has played well considering he had few reps up until a couple weeks ago and has had to run for his life or take a shot to the chin far too often. Think Oak may realize that Pryor is not really a solid long term option at QB and maybe McGloin wont be either but for now is the better passer and getting his look. 

Oak has a ton of free cash this offseason so they may go out and sign a vet QB to take over in 2014 and one of these guys becomes #2 option.