From the Armchair: Oakland Raiders Week 5

10/8/13 in NFL   |   Cali_Kat   |   15589 respect

You have no idea how I look forward to this game every year. Yes, the Raiders won, 27-17!!  It was a late game, I mean not for me because well I am on the best coast, for  the east coast  it was very late night! 

Good Stuff: Terrelle Pryor. I don’t care what anyone else says, he did great last night.  He is progressing well and that first TD pass to Streater was a thing of beauty.  Then on the next series they drive 88 yards for another TD to Denarius Moore.  When Pryor is in, the Raiders seem to play better. The defense plays better, even special teams. If you ask me I am thankful that we didn’t pick up Josh Freeman, because we have to give Pryor a chance to become the QB we all know he can be.  
The defense came to play! They picked off Rivers 3 times.  Woodson scored a defensive TD , Burnett was a beast, and rookie DJ Hayden got his first NFL interception. Rivers was sacked 2 times.

Bad Stuff: The second half offense, well I didn’t like what was going on. Charger D got to Pryor, because the center kept stepping on Pryor, and our offensive line was not doing its job. I also didn’t really like the play calling.

Overall, I was happy with the game. One more thing, all the Raider haters out there that are going to say not to make such a big deal, because it was just the Chargers, but in my book a win is a win, whether it’s against a good team or not so good team. 

Next up is the Chiefs in KC!!
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10/8/13   |   Jess   |   34876 respect

The Chargers don't suck like Jacksonville - they're actually decent. I think it was a great win, and you should definitely be excited about the way Pryor played. 

10/8/13   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21433 respect

Cali_Kat wrote:
It makes me laugh when Rivers gets mad and turns red when things aren't going his way!! (I know I'm kinda mean, but he isn't my favorite QB.)

Philip doesn't put fear in any defense when he doesn't have decent wide receivers around him plus Ryan Matthews was nicked up with injuries in that game, even if he started the whole game against the raiders, he was going to have a bad game...  The Chargers' defense is awful as well.  I see the bolts finishing last in the AFC West...

10/8/13   |   Cali_Kat   |   15589 respect

It makes me laugh when Rivers gets mad and turns red when things aren't going his way!! (I know I'm kinda mean, but he isn't my favorite QB.)

10/8/13   |   Beaneaters   |   17801 respect

Go Raiders! Pretty awesome win and good article.


10/8/13   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21433 respect

I was totally impressed with both sides of the ball for the Raiders!!  The Raiders' defense gave Philip Rivers fits out there and Terrelle Pryor was incredible!!  The Raiders also released Matt Flynn, so that means the Raiders' front office isn't accepting any mediocrity anymore!  RaiderNation is on it's way to greatness!!

10/8/13   |   kobe_lova   |   61958 respect

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Crazy good start to this game, and I'm glad because I could go to sleep at 130am :/