From the Armchair: Oakland Raiders, Week 8

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Blog Photo - From the Armchair: Oakland Raiders, Week 8Note from the editor/publisher: I didn't actually write this article. All of the words past the italicized portion belong to Cali_Kat.

So a win is a win right? Don’t get me wrong I am very happy that we beat the Steelers, but let’s just recap some highlights and some not so highlights.

First Half: So to start off the game Pryor fakes a handoff to McFadden, then rushes 93 yards for a touchdown! Yay! New NFL record for longest rushing TD for a QB!! Later in the first quarter McFadden runs it in from 7 yards out for a TD. In the second quarter McFadden takes the snap, looks to throw but sees and opening and runs it in from 4 yards out. TD! Our defense did amazing keeping the Steelers from scoring a TD but it was close, Steelers ended up scoring 3 points in the second quarter. So at this point its 21-3 and things are finally looking good.

Second Half: Where was the offense? They did absolutely nothing in the second half. It’s like they were playing to not lose. I didn’t like the play calling, I felt like they didn’t trust Pryor to go out and be a QB. This was upsetting. Our defense however stepped it up. Even though the Steelers scored 15 second half points the Raiders defense sacked Ben 6 times. Let’s face it, he is not an easy guy to sack! The defense was the highlight of the game. They played all 4 quarters, they never gave up, and everyone thought they were going to be horrible this season.

All in all, I am glad we won! I just want to see our offense show up for all 4 quarters. They need to let Pryor gain experience even if he makes mistakes. If you are up 21-3 at the half, don’t give him just the safe plays. Let him score more points, not just maintain the lead. You won’t win that way against better teams.

Next week we host the Eagles. Go Raiders!!
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It's like they were playng not to lose.  I hate that.  Since the death of my friend, Gonzo (yes, we named our dog after him) I am watching the Raiders games whenever possible.  

Sooooo I have two not so great teams to cheer for, and that suits me just fine.  I want to see OFFENCE in the next game.

Great job Kat!

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Go Raiders! Jess, you are a ninja. I want Pryor to be an Atlanta Falcons RB real bad. Cat, OMG!

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JenX63 wrote:
That Pryor TD run was Awesome! 

Yes it was!!

P.S. Thanks Jess!!

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That Pryor TD run was Awesome!