From the Armchair: Seattle Seahawks, Week 10

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Blog Photo - From the Armchair: Seattle Seahawks, Week 10I know the Falcons are struggling this year, but that didn't mean that this game terrified me any less. And those wondering why on earth I would have been worried about it obviously haven't been paying much attention to the games the Seahawks played against the Rams, and then the Buccaneers (at home!), the Colts, and even the Titans. The notches in the win column meant nothing...those Seahawks have been struggling too. Add the facts that they were without their two starting tackles, their starting center, their 2 "best" receivers (though that's arguable), their best starting DE against the run, and the game was on the road at 10:00am, and of course I was going to be nervous. 

But the Seahawks put on a great show for their fans this time, which was just what we needed both as a team and a fan base to build some confidence in this team lost over the past few weeks. I Blog Photo - From the Armchair: Seattle Seahawks, Week 10 didn't have time to re-watch this game, so I don't remember a whole lot of specifics, other than the fact that regardless of the fact that the Falcons are struggling with injuries and other things, it was great to see the Seahawks play a complete game. The defense was strong (although, being greedy, I was wishing for a L.O.B. interception), the o-line actually looked decent despite the absence of Giacomini, Unger, and Okung. Wilson seemed to make decisions faster and go through his reads quickly and efficiently. The receivers *really* stepped up. And while I do believe Lynch should probably have been given an illegal hands to the face penalty on one play (the captioned meme about Pez was pretty funny though), they were fairly disciplined. 

I hope this game was a turning point for this team. One thing that will help, is we get Harvin back this week. And Red Bryant, Okung, Giacomini, and Unger. Their run defense will be stronger again with Red, and this offense is about to get a whole lot better. I'm looking forward to it.

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Good job, Jess. Looks like the Seahawks are THE team to beat in the NFC. Go you.

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