From the Armchair: Seattle Seahawks, Week 4

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Well, I might as well get this over with. I wasn't proud of the display my Hawks put on last Sunday, and I can only hope they improve before heading into Indy this Sunday. 

Blog Photo - From the Armchair: Seattle Seahawks, Week 4Let's see. There are 4 things I can be happy about from this game:
1 - The Seahawks get a W, however ugly, which could help tremendously later in the season.
2 - They have a whole lot of game film to see a whole lot of awfulness they can fix.
3 - Doug Baldwin is a 3rd down magician.
4 - Russell Wilson started running (apparently Lynch lit a match under his butt by telling him to just take over).

The entire game, our secondary was getting beat underneath. Andre Johnson burned Richard Sherman throughout the entire first half and a lot of the second. (I think people are forgetting this, due to the pick 6 present from Schaub. Although, he did run it something like 50 yards without a shoe, and that was pretty badass.) I know Brandon Browner is part of the Legion of Boom and everyone else in Seattle loves him, but he's still not my favorite. The only defensive players I was proud of, and who gave 100% the entire game, were Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, and Earl Thomas. The rest of them looked mediocre to awful, and definitely didn't play like we've become accustomed to. Road woes? Maybe...but I'm growing tired of that excuse. Not to take anything away from the Texans offense, because that's a great team. Our defense just should have made it a little tougher for them to score 20 points.

I wasn't expecting much from our offense. Not only were they going up against the 2nd best defense in the league, but they were without 3 of their starters. They've also kind of gotten off to a slow start every game, and that scared me going up against the Texans. Bowie actually impressed me though, and with Giacomini undergoing surgery this week it looks like he'll be in for a few more weeks. Unger should be back soon as well, though Jean-Pierre didn't look too bad in his place. My issues are with McQuistan at LT, Sweezy at RG, and I haven't necessarily been impressed with Coleman. Good thing Lynch can make his own blocks.

Other than that, I will agree with a fellow blogger - the Seahawks had no business winning that game. Sure, the defense woke up and looked a little better. Sure, the offensive line started protecting Wilson better, and when they couldn't, he ran; but let's be honest. Cushing left the game with a concussion, which made their job a lot easier, and it seemed as if the Texans play calling got worse.

I guess another thing I can be happy about is that even though the Texans gave them that win, the Seahawks took advantage of the opportunity, and despite playing like absolute dog ish they capitalized on Houston's mistakes and accepted the gift. I want to be excited and believe that Seattle can dig in, come from behind, and get it done against a team who doesn't implode. I want to see if they can do it (if they have to - I'd rather them not have to) against  team who's playing well from start to finish. Once they can do that, then I'll buy into the belief that they're scary.

Also, I think they play volleyball for tip drills during practice. There has been an interception each game so far that I imagine in my head, "bump, set, bump, catch!"

Until next time. 
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