From the Armchair: Seattle Seahawks, Week 6

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Blog Photo - From the Armchair: Seattle Seahawks, Week 6Bizarre. That's the word that comes to mind.

This game was out of control. Yes, the Seahawks got the win. Yes, it all looks the same in the end. But it shouldn't be that ugly at home - ever.

I have more questions than analysis or answers.

Why was Hauschka trying to play the hero? He's a little dude, and he went after the kick returner head-on. This is how you get hurt, sir. And look what happened. I'm not blaming the mess that ensued in the final drive before the half on our little kicker though.

What mess, you ask? Well...

What should have happened:
Final few seconds of the half, 3rd and goal. Russell Wilson hands it off to Lynch or drives it into the end zone himself. Or he drops back for a short pass to Doug Baldwin. TOUCHDOWN, SEAHAWKS! Or, worst case scenario, they don't make it in, and the first half ends 7-3.

What actually happened:
Final few seconds of the half, 3rd and goal. Russell Wilson tosses (rather than hands) the ball to the ref. Ref fumbles. Critical seconds are lost. RW spikes the ball to save two seconds. Pete Carroll decides now's a good time to ask the punter, who has never kicked a field goal ever in his life, to try for 3. Chris Maragos, who has never taken a snap for a field goal ever in his life, mishandles the snap. Then, instead of falling on the ball to end the half with no harm, no foul, he tries to make a play, "fumbles" the ball, the Titans recover and run it back for a touchdown. First half ends with Titans up, 10-7. What. The. Actual. *Expletive*?

Continuing Frustrations:
The offensive line is actually getting better about giving Wilson a little bit of time (and when they don't, he's getting better about making something happen anyway.) However - Penalties. Just stop. Carpenter is either taking ridiculous penalties, missing blocks, or injured. I'm done with him. We also really need to find a better replacement for when Franklin Gutierrez - er...excuse me...Russell Okung - is out with injuries, because Paul McQuistan is just not quite cutting it.

Play calling - what is going on? They run the same few plays all game long, every game. Open it up. Bevell - you're on notice.

Brandon Browner - for the love of all that is good and decent, just trade this guy. There are a lot of teams who would love to have him, because he's a big physical corner. My issue is - if he's not cheating, he's getting beat. He's either all over the receiver, drawing PI penalties, or he's getting burned down the field. Teams are figuring this out and picking on him. Once they pulled him yesterday, the big plays stopped. We have the depth to just let this guy go.

Offense - frustrating despite the numbers; what happened to red zone efficiency? The receivers are getting no separation, and when they do, RW has somebody in his face and can't get a good pass off because the pocket is crumbling.

First - I'm confused as to why - when he was well past the first down marker - Sidney Rice reached out with the ball rather than tucking it and just falling backwards on that fumble. Second - Unger recovered that ball immediately after Rice fumbled. There was a pile, and then Lynch came out of the pile with the ball. How exactly does that determine that it's Tennessee's ball? (I watched when I was there, and I re-watched this twice, plus the replays, today. Same question.) They confirmed that the ball was fumbled. Great - yes, it was, obviously. That wasn't what should have been challenged...possession should have been challenged. Can they do that?

Blog Photo - From the Armchair: Seattle Seahawks, Week 6Comic Relief:
Earl Thomas is playing out of his mind right now. He always impresses me, but the last few weeks, he has been all over the field, making big plays. He's fast, and apparently he's been taking lessons on hitting from teammate Bam Bam. Anybody who wasn't paying close attention to ET yesterday (or lately at all) probably wonders why he's so damn excited about something as simple as an incomplete pass here, especially with the way the game went yesterday. But, he was fired up throughout the entire game, and this was just a small sample that just happened to be caught. Hilarious...with a game like the one they played yesterday, it felt good to laugh.

Now we only have 4 days between games, as our Seahawks travel down to Arizona for Thursday Night Football. A lot of people are chalking this one up as an easy win, but I'm not so sure (as usual). I'm nervous. The Seahawks never play well in Arizona, regardless of the caliber of team they have. After the last three weeks, I'm not confident that anything is going to be easy any time soon.

Until next time!
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10/15/13   |   Jess   |   35115 respect

Jason_ wrote:
This is why i dont want to write up the dolphins games. 

We all write differently - I actually think mine are a bit boring compared to the rest of y'all's (including yours and Ashlie's, Beans)...I really enjoy everyone else's. Keep writing them, Jason!

10/15/13   |   kobe_lova   |   62431 respect

Jason_ wrote:
This is why i dont want to write up the dolphins games. 

Uh no, that's cause you're an ass.

10/15/13   |   Jason_   |   20749 respect

This is why i dont want to write up the dolphins games. 

10/15/13   |   Beaneaters   |   17855 respect

Great article. You kick these Armchair things' butts. All Ashlie has to work with is me and my Nike shorts/cowboy hat/homemade midriff sleeveless t-shirts.

10/14/13   |   Jess   |   35115 respect

kobe_lova wrote:
Great assessment. I hated not being able to see this one too!

Thanks  cheeky

(I've taken to DVR'ing the games when I go, so I can re-watch them and write this. It's just so hard to remember everything when you're there, enough to write an article.)

10/14/13   |   kobe_lova   |   62431 respect

Great assessment. I hated not being able to see this one too!

10/14/13   |   JenX63   |   33176 respect

I did not see this game, but that video is awesome...