From the Armchair: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Week 2

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One missed field goal and the Buccs missed their opportunity to put one in the win column. Despite an pretty good defensive performance that included an 85 yard interception for a TD by Mason Foster, the Buccs fell to 0-2 with a 16-14 loss to the Saints. the game was interrupted by a 69 minute weather delay due to lightning. 

Josh Freeman threw for 125 yards, completed 9/22 had a TD & an interception, sounds like last week.

LB'S Mason Foster, Lavonte David, Dekoda Watson, and Jonathon Casillas combined for 17 tackles, 1.5 sacks, a QB hit, 2 interceptions.Watson made the first turnover that gave the Buccs a 7-3 lead in the first. Mason Foster's 85 yard interception return for a TD was the biggest play for a struggling Buccs defense. Tampa's offense couldn't find their rhythm, getting only 273 total yards. which inluded 113 passing. RB Doug Martin ran for 144 yards and WR Kevin Ogletree scored on his first catch as a Buc. WR Vincent Jackson had 77 yards and 5 catches on the day.

With rumors swirling about Freeman wanting a trade, who knows what will happen with these Buccs.
Next week the Buccs travel to new England to take on the also struggling Patriots.

Info came from the Buccs Official Site.
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9/17/13   |   kobe_lova   |   62039 respect

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I'm glad they gave the Saints time...FINISH IT! But on any other day...whatever. lol.

Also, Freeman wants a trade?! Jesus...people and their delusions. He is not very good and he is helping to hold them back. I've always thought that they Bucs won't do very much with him as the starting QB. He's a backup, hell he's a step shy from being Vince Young. :/

..or, who's that other depressive natured boy, umm...Leftwich...mighty close to being Josh Leftwich.

9/16/13   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21501 respect

JenX63 wrote:
It was the Saints. I think a little more time and the Buccs are going to have the winning formula.

The Bucs have all of the commodities put in place, they have no excuses now especially with Darrelle Revis on defense and their offense can put up points if they have a great game.

9/16/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

It was the Saints. I think a little more time and the Buccs are going to have the winning formula.

9/16/13   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21501 respect

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I believe it's premature to count the buccaneers out and say that their season is done...  The bucs only lost 2 games by less than 3 points...  The Saints may be in 1st place but we'll see if they can obtain that spot or if they will fumble it...  2-0 means nothing at the end of the day just like 0-2 doesn't mean it's the end of the road...

9/16/13   |   ohwell_   |   16445 respect

I'll be rooting for the Bucs next week.   Lightning?  In Tampa?  Unheard of.... wink