From the Armchair: Washington Redskins Week 16

12/22/13 in NFL

The Dallas, "December curse" has been broken. Thanks of course to the Washington Redskins. Funny, how this one game turns the Cowboy fans almost rabid with playoff hopes. But, that's not what I am here to write about. I am here to give my perspective of the Skins. Did I think they would win?. Of course not. I am no rose colored glasses wearing fan. It doesn't even matter they lost, really. It wasn't for a wild card spot, it wasn't for pride, (they have none apparently), London Fletcher's announcement, couldn't even get these arses to play a good game. No, the Skins have to play because they want to play and play to win because they want to win. I see none of that. This whole year has been one controversary after another. Frankly, I am sick of it. What the team did right or wrong, really I don't care. Stats mean nothing. All that matters is this season will be over in just one more week. I will say Kirk Cousins deserves better. The show and sell is just awful. I am hoping a team will pick him up. I really do think he is a decent QB.
In the final week of the 2013 season, the Skins travel to NY, to take on the other flailing team in the NFC East, the Giants.
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