From the Armchair: Washington Redskins, Week 8

10/27/13 in NFL   |   JenX63   |   32446 respect

Did anyone really think and or expect the Redskins to win this game? I mean besides the Owner. I don't think so. What was a surprise was the fight. Yeah, the Skins gave up some big plays, but, they also made some big plays.

When all is said and done a loss is just that. Not to this fan. I was so thrilled to see those guys play some football. I was thrilled to see them on top for a change and if only for a minute, it felt good. They have a long way to go, but every week there is improvement here and there. There is also same old mistakes.

Next week the Redskins are at home taking on the Chargers! Go Redskins!
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