Frustrated Carmelo Anthony says the NY Knicks didnít even put up a fight

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsOn Monday the New York Knicks played the Brooklyn Nets and ended up losing 103-80 in a very disappointing match. The Knicks did not show any competitive performance and simply went through the game. Their small forward Carmelo Anthony was definitely irritated with the way the Knicks played and said they didn’t even put up a fight to win back the game they lost by 23 points.
Anthony said the thing which irritated him most was the fact the team didn’t get fired up to win the match as it slipped from their grasp.
"That's the only thing that kind of bothers me: Today we didn't even fight. I felt like we didn't fight as a team," Anthony said following the Knicks' loss to Nets. "Them guys from the jump ball just came in and it felt like they owned us."
The Knicks and Nets are just a town away and on Monday the rivals came in and owned them. As uneasy as the loss was to take in, the team’s performance itself was unsatisfactory and their stats didn’t help either. The Nets had managed to hit 49 percent of shots whereas the Knicks had shot just a 34 percent.
Anthony said they did not have a definite plan to implement during the game and that got them scrambling without a strategy for the entire game.
"We couldn't get into defensive sets and [were] just scrambling and double-teaming and switching, basically just scrambling the whole game," Anthony said.
They are in the same place with Cleveland for the 10th place in the Eastern Conference and this is their fourth consecutive loss.
Anthony might enter the free agency the coming summer. He said it was his first time in such circumstances and he was still in the learning process. He added if the team had known better, they could have adapted better as the game wore on and avoided the defeat altogether.
"I didn't think we would be in this situation," Anthony said. "I don't really know how to deal with situations like this. I'm learning. This is the first time for me."
Anthony did compliment the Nets coach Jason Kidd for training the team well. Kidd was previously with the Nets and Anthony said a major reason the team played so well was because of him.
"They played to the mismatches. That's something that Jason does well, even when he was here. That was his big thing: play to the mismatch," said Anthony.
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