G Men Big Blue

11/1/09 in NFL   |   bobjrinaz   |   84 respect

I know its hard now fellow Giants fans but don't give up just yet.  We hit a brick confidence wall.  This is not about the coaching or anything like that.  The Giants are lacking confidence in every aspect of the game.  It will take one game of wake up football and the G Men will be back on track.  Be a true fan and hang with them. 

I completely get the frustration as I watch this game today I just want to walk away and be put out of my misery.  But, I will not give up on my team and this is the same group of guys that can play with and beat anyone.  They just need a confidence jolt.  Especially Eli. 

All I can say is hang in there and never say die. 
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11/1/09   |   SaintDrew   |   31 respect

Big Blue was a sham after starting 5-0. Now they are losing the NFC East and Eli has regressed.