Gabby Douglas wins gold for U.S. Team in all-around individual artistic gymnastics event

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16-year-old gymnast Gabby Douglas’  gold medal in the all-around individual s was icing on the cake for the U.S. Team who two nights ago won the team title for their country, adding the first gold for the United States since the “Magnificent Seven” claimed the event gold in 1996.
Gabby Douglas took a strong start from the beginning, never falling under the 15-point margin during any four of her routines. The Virginia Native played-off with the U.S. Team’s signature Amanar on the vaults, and always, she almost breezed through the routine. Gabby Douglas took a roundoff on the takeoff board, proceed with a back handspring and almost nailing the landing with a 2.5 twisting somersault. Gabby Douglas almost lost control at the landing, leaning heavy to the left and then the other side that bought her within inches of the limits. However, Gabby Douglas never lost her confidence or tempo throughout the routine and tried desperately to accommodate the blunder with her upper body quick reflexes to balance out the momentum. The judges gave the higly flexible and fast paced Gabby Douglas, nicknamed the "The Flying Squirrel," a 15.966 scoring for her efforts.
The Russian gymnast Viktoria Komova was instantly displeased with her piece on the vaults as she got off the mat, but wasn’t too far behind Gabby Douglas.
Gabby Douglas stood by her signature combination of aerial moves and gave a winning performance on the uneven bars. Viktoria Komova, who grabbed Euoropean and world titles for her perfomance on the uneven bars was as phenomenal with her complex routine flew around the apparatus like a graceful bird but stumbled a bit on her dismount. However, Viktoria Komova immediately composed her posture by throwing up her hands in salute to the judges. Viktoria Komova earned 15.966 on the uneven bars and the game was on.
Both Gabby Douglas and Viktoria Komova have attained some not so pleasant results on the balance beam, but the lesson was well learnt. Viktoria Komova confidently shone when she stretched her neck and arms backwards, while kicking the air behind her in progression. But Gabby Douglas outshone the Russian once again, owning the floor with her confident back handsprings and a series of somersaults. The judges gave Gabby Douglas a 15.5 which determined her a over a three-tenths of a lead before final routine – floor rotation.
Gabby Douglas killed it with her energetic piece, clearly enjoying the routine while the crowd strung along with her techno music. The springy Gabby Douglas took twists on eth corner that gave her great air and she almost made perfect landings at every stop in her up-tempo routine grinning at the judges who awarded her a 15.033.
Viktoria Komova just match Gabby Douglas with a better crowd pleasing show, thus the American won by three-tenths of a point.
While Gabby Douglas grabbed the gold, Viktoria Komova had to settle for the silver medal and her teammate Aliya Mustafina won the bronze on a tie breaker against the clearly shocked U.S. Team captain Aly Raisman who ran in forth with no medal for her team.
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