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A Pre-Thanksgiving feast of sports! [Live Sports Thread]

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Blog Photo - Game On! Sports Lineup 11/27/13Greetings, sports fans! Today's format will be a little different than usual, since I'm combining our NHL thread with the regular all-sports thread. Kramer (AKA BK) joins me with the picks for the hockey games, and then after the NHL extravaganza you'll find the rest of the sports schedule for the day. Since this is a long blog without it, I won't be including the usual blog recap, but you can check out what you may have missed by going to the Best of the Web and scrolling through! 

7:00pm - Canadiens @ Sabres on RDS, TSN-HABS, MSG-B
BK - Buffalo can't lose them all, but they will lose this one. Les Habitants vont gagner ce soir.
Jess - What he said.

7:00pm - Hurricanes @ Devils on FS-CR, MSG PLUS
BK - New Jersey just got shut out by Ondrej Pavelec...if Ward gets the nod for Carolina he's far superior to Pavelec. I'm taking the Canes to keep the Devils at bay tonight...Jagr may cry.  devil
Jess - I'm going to give the nod to the Devils here

7:00pm - Jets @ Islanders on TSN-JETS, MSG PLUS 2
BK - This might actually be a halfway decent game. Goaltending is going to be the difference here. Nabokov is still out, and due to that fact, while I said above that Ward is better than Pavelec, he is better than Poulin who seems very leaky. So with all that in mind...Jets win.
Jess - I don't know anything about either of these teams. I'll be a follower...

7:00pm - Senators @ Capitals on TSN2, CSN-DC
BK - Both of these teams have played .500 hockey recently. I guess even though it pains me to say, the Caps have this one being that this game is at Verizon Center.
Jess - Caps, for Eric if no other reason.

7:00pm - Predators @ Blue Jackets on FS-TN, FS-O
BK - I will take the Preds for this one. Columbus is continuing to disappoint me.
Jess - Right? And that's not just counting this season. When are they going to move them already?

7:30pm - Bruins @ Red Wings on NBCSN, NESN, FS-D
BK - Gavomit...I refuse to pick.
Jess - Hah! This will be an excellent game. Though I'm not huge on the Red Wings in general, I think they take this one tonight.

7:30pm - Flyers @ Lightning on NHLN-US, CN-PH, SUN
BK - HAHAHA, I enjoyed seeing the Flyers lose to Timmy Thomas. Tampa Bay is somehow still playing well and I'm surprised at that. Regardless of how they are doing, you know darn well I'm taking the Bolts here as I will never pick the Flyers.
Jess - I don't have the innate hatred of the Flyers that you do, but I can't see them winning this game against a white-hot TB team.

7:30pm - Rangers @ Panthers on MSG, FS-F
BK - I don't think the Panthers will win 2 in a row, especially after the Rangers will be on a warpath with  how they were embarrassed in Tampa the other night. Rangers win.
Jess - Ugh. Lundqvist made me so sad the other night, but every goalie has those games occasionally. Gotta pick the Rangers tonight.

7:30pm - Maple Leafs @ Penguins on TSN, ROOT
BK - I hate playing Toronto, they've given the Pens fits for years. You know I'm picking my Pens, but what concerns me is that the injuries are starting to pile up left and right. Bennett and Martin are both out for a while now. You can get through this, guys...LET'S GO PENS!
Jess - The Leafs are good, this should be a fun game to watch too. I'm going with Toronto...dare to be different, right?

8:00pm - Coyotes @ Wild on KTVK, FS-N, FS-WI
BK - Whoa, the western matchups are f-ing awesome tonight! I think the Wild have this one at home, but it won't be an easy task against the Coyotes.
Jess - The Coyotes are bound and determined to tick me off. When I pick against them, they win. When I pick them, they lose. I want them to lose, so I'm going to pick them. (But you're right - insane awesome matchups tonight.)

9:00pm - Blues @ Avalanche on FS-MW, ALT2
BK - There's a lot of great games, but this one gets my nod for game of the night. Both of these teams I think are evenly matched, and I can see it going into OT. This is a toughie...eenie, meenie, miney...Avs
Jess - I don't need to eenie meenie this one - I've got the Avs at Pepsi Center. This will be the one I'm watching.

10:00pm - Blackhawks @ Flames on TSN, WGN
BK - The Flames started off well, but seem to have fizzled out lately. For moral support of my co-hostess I'm taking those Flames for my upset pick of the night.
Jess - Ugh...I don't think so. Blackhawks are just too strong (so sorry Debi...I hope I'm wrong)

10:30pm - Kings @ Sharks on FS-W, CSN-CA
BK - This will be entertaining and evenly matched as well. I can see this one also going into OT or even a shootout, and I'm taking the Sharks being that it's in San Jose (sorry Becky)
Jess - Again, I'm going to disagree. Not that it's an evenly matched bout or going to be entertaining, but with my pick. Kings've got this.

And because I had a dream last night that I was at an outdoor game, we're going to take a look at the top 10 outdoor moments! (Vid courtesy of

And now for the rest of the lineup....

7:00pm - Pacers @ Bobcats on FSMW, TSOH
7:00pm - 76ers @ Magic on CN8PHI, FSFL
7:30pm - Grizzlies @ Celtics on TSOH, CSNN
7:30pm - Lakers @ Nets on TWC SN
7:30pm - Heat @ Cavaliers on SUN, FSOH, ESPN/WatchESPN
8:00pm - Hawks @ Rockets on TSOH, CSN Houston
8:00pm - Wizards @ Bucks on CNSW, FSWI
8:00pm Nuggets @ Timberwolves on ALT, FSN+
8:00pm - Spurs @ Thunder on FSSW, FSOK
8:30pm - Warriors @ Mavericks on CSNB, FSSW
9:00pm - Trail Blazers @ Suns on CSNN, FSAZ
10:30pm - Knicks @ Clippers on MSG, FSW2, NBATV

NCAABB Men Top 25:
In Progress - Arkansas @ 11 Gonzaga on ESPN2/WatchESPN
7:00pm - Drexel @ 4 Arizona on ESPNU/WatchESPN
9:30pm - Alabama @ 6 Duke on ESPN2/WatchESPN
9:30pm - 10 Wisconsin @ West Virginia on CBSSN
10:00pm - 8 Syracuse @ 18 Baylor on ESPN/WatchESPN
Other Games:
7:30pm - California @ Dayton on ESPN2/WatchESPN

NCAABB Women Top 25:
In Pprgress - 6 Stanford @ Florida Gulf Coast
8:00pm - Umass Lowell @ 10 Nebraska
8:00pm - 4 Louisville @ W Kentucky

Copa Do Brazil
6:50pm - Flamengo v Atletico Paranaense
Fútbol Profesional Colombiano 
8:10pm - Group B - Once Caldas v Millonarios
Primera A de Ecuador
7:30pm - Emelec v Liga de Loja
7:30pm - LDU Quito v El Nacional
8:00pm - Club Deportivo Cuenca v Barcelona
Liga Profesional Boliviana (All Grupo A)
7:00pm - Bolívar v Guabirá
7:00pm - Nacional Potosí
7:30pm - Blooming v Oriente Petrolero
Primera División de Honduras
8:00pm - Olimpia v Real Espana
Copa Sudamericana 
6:50pm - AA Ponte Preta v São Paulo 

Shane Mosley vs. Anthony Mundine on
Yakubu Amidu vs. Rynel Griffin

I'm watching the Zags right now, but I'm sure hockey is on the slate for me, as well as maybe some boxing! What are you watching? Q it up here!
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11/28/13   |   AlwaysSunshine   |   7418 respect

The Preds have more wins than losses.  I'll take it.

11/28/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Wow, what a wild game between the Pens and Leafs.  Pens come out on top 6-5 in a shootout after scoring the first goal a minute into the game, and then falling behind 4-1.  This is a great win for the Pens, but wow Toronto how they died in the 3rd, 0 shots on goal in the 3rd period and OT.  Pittsburgh took this game over and got a well-deserved comeback victory tonight.  Meanwhile, the Leafs have got to be wondering what hit them when they had this game in full control and just couldn't finish it off.

11/27/13   |   Scott   |   54163 respect

Blues finally snap that 8 game losing streak at the Pepsi Center