Game On! Sports Lineup 11/5/13

Can Dallas upset the Bruins tonight? [Live Sports Thread and Blog Recap]

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I hope not.

Blog Photo - Game On! Sports Lineup 11/5/13Greetings, sports fans! It's Tuesday, and you know what that means...we welcome another new week of sports and recap the previous NFL week (which was quite odd this time.) Today we get to see a good amount of hockey, basketball, NCAAF, and more. But first, let's see what's been going on in the blog!

The NFL Power Rankings are out, and I bet you can guess who sits on top.....may of the From the Armchair articles are out as well, and you can find them all in our Fan we knew this whole Richie Incognito thing is a mess, but did you know that he once starred in a Fan Code of Conduct PSA? That's rich, right? (No pun intended...honest.).....speaking of Fan Codes of Conduct, this one is probably my favorite ever. Thanks, Atlanta.....Poor Matt Flynn can't catch a break; he was released by the Bills yesterday....and not a moment too soon for the Packers - I'm sure they're not going to want to go with Seneca Wallace down the stretch.....and because I love him, check out how the Rangers record has improved with Lundqvist finding his game.

For more of what you may have missed over the weekend and yesterday, go to the Best of the Web homepage and poke around! Now let's take a look at the schedule, all times eastern of course. For the NHL, my co-hosts join me in making our picks. Please welcome Debi and BK to the fold!

7:00pm - Stars (6-6-2) @ Bruins (8-5-0) on FS-SW+, NESN
Picks -
Debi - Bahston it is!

BK - Sigh...Bruins

Jess - Do I even need to say it?

7:00pm - Islanders (6-5-3) @ Capitals (7-7-0) on MSG PLUS, CSN-DC
Picks -
Debi - This could actually be a good game! Washington pulls off the win.

BK - This will indeed be a good game. I think home ice rules here, gotta give the nod to the Caps.

Jess - Caps.

7:00pm - Senators (4-6-4) @ Blue Jackets (5-8-0) on SNET-E, FS-O
Picks - 
Debi -Sens take this one but only cuz I did an eenie meenie.

BK - Both of these teams could use a win. I think Columbus pulls it out at home.

Jess - I was going to say Blue Jackets, but something's pulling me toward the Sens in this one. I'm going to listen to that.

7:30pm - Blues (8-2-2) @ Canadiens (8-7-0) on RDS, TSN, FS-MW
Picks -
Debi - Much as I would love to say the Habs for my son, I think St. Louis is just a little better.

BK - Ooh, I think this might be the game of the night! Eenie-meenie-miney...Les Habitants vont...gagner ce soir !

Jess - I'm with Debi here - I think St. Louis is a more complete this year. 

7:30pm - Oilers (3-10-2) @ Panthers (3-8-3) on SNET-W,  FS-F
Picks - 
Debi - Panthers

BK - HAHAHA...woof! Ummm, this one will be comic relief at its finest. Hmm...Panthers in a 1-0 15-round shootout?

Jess - I still hold fast to the philosophy that two horrible teams can give us a fantastic game. That said, I may actually watch this one! But, taking the Panthers.

7:30pm - Flyers (4-9-0) @ Hurricanes (4-7-3) on NBCSN, CSN-PH
Picks -
BK - Carolina wins because they aren't the Flyers.

Jess - I like Carolina here too, but not because I care one way or another about the Flyers. They're at home, and usually when teams are fairly well matched like these two, I tend to pick the home team.

8:00pm - Flames (6-6-2) @ Wild (8-4-3) on SNET-W, SNET-CGY, FS-N
Picks -
Debi - After that incredible win against the Blackhawks (did they think our boys weren't coming to play?) I am looking for the Flames to heat it up even more!! Flames take this!

BK - This should be a good one too. I think I'll take the Flames here for a nice road win.

Jess - Go Flames!

9:00pm - Canucks (10-5-1) @ Coyotes (10-3-2) on SNET-P, KTVK
Picks -
Debi - Coyotes
BK - Phoenix is playing excellent at home and I think that trend continues tonight, Coyotes win.
Jess - I'm pretty sure the Coyotes have the edge here.

10:30pm - Sabres @ Sharks on MSG-B, BELL TV, CSN-CA
Picks -
BK - Buffalo is due to win again...but not tonight. Sharks win a laugher.
​Jess - Oh sweet Jesus. This will get ugly, and fast, I think. Sharks, of course. Ugh.

And since I missed out yesterday on posting a video for your hockey pleasure, I'm going to slate in what I'd normally post on Mondays with some greatest hits of the past week. Enjoy!

7:00pm - Heat @ Raptors on SUN
7:30pm - Jazz @ Nets on FSRM
7:30pm - Pacers @ Pistons on FSDT
7:30pm - Bobcats @ Knicks on MSG
8:00pm - Suns @ Pelicans 
8:30pm - Lakers @ Mavericks on NBATV
9:00pm - Spurs @ Nuggets on ALT
10:00pm - Hawks @ Kings on CSAC
10:00pm - Rockets @ Trail Blazers on CSNN

8:00pm - Bowling Green @ Miami (OH) on ESPNU/WatchESPN
8:00pm - Ohio @ Buffalo on ESPN2/WatchESPN

In Progress - Barclays ATP World Tour Finals (Men)

I'm sure I'll catch some hockey tonight, among other things. What are you watching? Q it up here!
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11/5/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

The Flyers scored the first goal of the game on a PP with less than 4 minutes to go and STILL found a way to lose in OT!  My God they're bad.

11/5/13   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

Ouch  crying

11/5/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Joe Beninati says "a wild second period."  That's an understatement...5 goals in 5 minutes?!

11/5/13   |   Jess   |   34793 respect

Debi_L wrote:
And I picked the 'Canes and the Sharks in the two games it doesn't show I picked, because I was late for work and Jess isn't a mind reader  laugh

Haha! I thought I might have been missing it in the email but I figured I'd leave it alone  cheeky

11/5/13   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

And I picked the 'Canes and the Sharks in the two games it doesn't show I picked, because I was late for work and Jess isn't a mind reader  laugh