Game On! Sports Lineup 12/23/13

Can the Falcons beat SF in the last regular season game at Candlestick Park? [Live Sports Thread]

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Greetings, sports fans! How was your sports weekend? Mine could have been better, but my guys made it out relatively healthy so I can't complain. Tonight marks the final regular season game for the 49ers at Candlestick Park, and if by some miracle the Falcons pull off a win, they will help the Seahawks clinch the division. Obviously I'm rooting for Atlanta.

There's also a whole lot of hockey on tonight (separate thread), and basketball. Let's take a look at the schedule...
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8:30pm - Falcons @ 49ers 
Broadcast - ESPN/WatchESPn
My Pick - ugh, the Niners will win...last regular season game in their historic stadium, fighting for playoffs, etc.
Bet QBucks on this game!

In Progress - Bucks @ Bobcats on TSOH
In Progress - Pistons @ Cavaliers on FSOH
In Progress - Knicks @ Magic on FSFL
7:30pm - Pacers @ Nets on FSMW
7:30pm - Hawks @ Heat on SUN
8:00pm - Mavericks @ Rockets on CSN Houston
8:00pm - Jazz @ Grizzlies on FSRM
8:30pm - Raptors @ Spurs on FSSW
9:00pm - Warriors @ Nuggets on ALT
9:00pm - Lakers @ Suns on FSAZ
10:00pm - Pelicans @ Kings on NBATV

Top 25
10:00pm - N Arizona @ 1 Arizona on PAC12
Other Games
In Progress - Chicago State @ Cincinnati 
In Progress - Norfolk State @ Virginia
In Progress - Morehead State @ Tennessee in ESPNU/WatchESPN
9:00pm - South Carolina @ Boise State on ESPN2/WatchESPN
11:30pm - Saint Mary's @ Hawaii on ESPNU/WatchESPN

10:00pm - New Mexico State @ Cal State Fullerton

I will be watching hockey for the most part but may catch a play or two over on ESPN. What are you watching? Q it up here!
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Kenne wrote:
Gah dam I hope so! I need this 49ers loss bad!

Ugh, they almost did it.

12/23/13   |   Kenne   |   16037 respect

Gah dam I hope so! I need this 49ers loss bad!