Game On! Sports Lineup 9/9/13

Batter up! Eleven MLB games and some tennis for your Monday [Live Sports Thread and Blog Recap]

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Greetings, sports fans! It seems as if the return of NFL football has overshadowed everything else at this point, but I know there are some of us who are keeping tabs on other sports as well! Soccer is already over for the day, but let's take a look at what else is going on.

Best of the Web Recap:
College football is officially in full swing, and that also means the Heisman Hunt is in full swing. Is Teddy Bridgewater this year's Geno Smith?.....As a WSU (kind of) alum, of course what little bit of college football I watch, I'm rooting for them, so you can understand how excited I was, watching them capitalize on USC's meltdown. Lane Kiffin, however, obviously wasn't.....Speaking of Geno Smith, how 'bout them Jets? Don't miss our new "From the Armchair" NFL series.....What kind of epic implosion did the Giants suffer last night?.....The Cowboys were not without their losses last night, however.....the Steelers probably had the worst weekend of anybody, and now they've lost Center Maurkice Pouncey for the year.....Poor little Tebow...a few more opportunities he could make something out of if he wasn't such a stubborn one. But why?.....Well, the Bills may have lost a close one, but at least the fans have a sense of humor.....My favorite part of the weekend that didn't include football? Olympic Wrestling is back! Don't forget to see where your team sits in the MLB Power Rankings.....For anything else you missed, scroll through the Best of the Web homepage

Blog Photo - Game On! Sports Lineup 9/9/137:05pm - Yankees (Sabathia) @ Orioles (Tillman) on MASN
7:05pm - Royals (Santana) @ Indians (Jimenez) on STOh
7:10pm - Angels (Weaver) @ Twins (Hernandez)
7:10pm - Cubs (Wood) @ Reds (Arroyo) on FOX Ohio
7:10pm - Nationals (Gonzalez) @ Mets (SNY)
7:10pm - Braves (Medlen) @ Marlins (Alvarez) on FOX Florida
8:05pm - Pirates (Cole) @ Rangers (Darvish) on FOX Southwest
8:10pm - Tigers (Scherzer) @ White Sox (Sale)
10:10pm - Diamondbacks (Delgado) @ Dodgers (Nolasco) on PRIM
10:10pm - Astros (Cosart) @ Mariners (Walker) on ROOT Sports
10:15pm - Rockies (Chacin) @ Giants (Lincecum) 

NFL: (Separate Thread Here)
6:55pm - Eagles @ Redskins on ESPN/WatchESPN
10:15pm - Texans @ Chargers on ESPN/WatchESPN

In Progress - US Open (Men)
In Progress - US Open (Women)
In Progress - WTA Tour Bell Challenge (Women)
In Progress - WTA Tour Tashkent Open (Women)

If you're not watching football tonight, what are you watching? I will of course be checking out young pitcher Taijuan Walker in his Safeco debut as much as I can. Q it up here!
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Nadal found a way to break Djokovic's will. Rafa wins the title in four sets.

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BTW, there's a chance this match, which started just after 5, finishes after the first MNF game.

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Djokovic got off to a slow start, but since the second set, this match has gotten incredible, including a 54 shot rally.