Gar Forman: Chicago Bulls foresee a bright future despite Derrick Rose’s injury

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The Chicago Bulls will have a tough season ahead of them considering that their key point guard Derrick Rose will be sidelined for twelve months after a surgery on his torn ACL. The Chicago Bulls General Manager Gar Forman acknowledged that they “hit a bump in the road” with Derrick Rose’s loss as it could cost the franchise this season. However in a recent interview, Gar Forman remained optimistic about Derrick Rose’s prospects on the road to recovery.
“He’s been diligent in his rehab, he’s made tremendous progress, and the surgery, obviously, was a huge success,” expressed Gar Forman.
Gar Forman commended Derrick Rose’s dedication during rehab and even predicted an earlier return to the court.
“The biggest thing that’s been encouraging about Derrick has been his mentality towards the rehab,” said Gar Forman. “He’s working each and every day, putting a lot of effort into it, and we’re optimistic that if he continues to make the type of progress that he has, that we’ll see Derrick back on the floor at some point next season.”
However, Gar Forman contends that Derrick Rose’s injury will not jeopardize that Chicago Bulls’ future in the long haul. Financial restrains are an added bust to the Chicago Bulls’ chances for making drastic changes this season, but they do have an overall 29th draft pick in hand. The Chicago Bulls have plenty to bank on starting with this years’ draft pick, a future plans for Nikola Mirotic, resigning Omer Asik and a long-term deal for a round-one pick from Charlotte Bobcats.
“We’re going to take a step back short term,” said Gar Forman regarding the impact of Derrick Rose’s injury on the Chicago Bulls. “But long term… We’ve got some quality young players and we’ve got some assets on the horizon.”
The 29th overall pick might be something that will assist the Chicago Bulls in the immediate future as well as in the long-run. Gar Forman reveals that the pick is not designed to specifically address the Chicago Bulls’ short-comings. The Chicago Bulls will go for the “best player available” player in the draft.
 “It’s a deep draft and we’ll be able to… get a player that’s going to fit into our team, both from a culture standpoint and from a strategic standpoint,” stated Gar Forman.
The Chicago Bulls will be busy even after the drafts as they hope to negotiate a new contract with reserve center Omar Asik, who becomes a restricted free agent on July 1.
“We see him as a key piece of our team moving forward,” said Gar Forman. “We think he’s shown the potential to continue to improve. It’s certainly our intention to have Omer Asik in a Chicago Bulls uniform long term.”
However, Nikola Mirotic who is presently on the Euroleague’s Real Madrid wouldn’t be in the Chicago Bulls’ grasp until 2014. The Chicago Bulls are closely watching his progress, and Gar Forman observed they “feel really good” about his performance thus far.
 The future round-one pick, that the Chicago Bulls acquired for trading Tyrus Thomas in 2010 will fully mature by 2016.
“We talk about a five to seven year window where we’ve got an opportunity to have a lot of success and ultimately reach our goal of being a championship team,” said Gar Forman.
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