Gareth Bale will have to leave Spurs to “reach the next level” of excellence

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Blog Photo - Gareth Bale will have to leave Spurs to “reach the next level” of excellence
Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas admits he is scared of losing Gareth Bale to some European football giant during the upcoming summer transfer window. Andre Villas-Boas wants Gareth Bale to bring his best out, although for that to happen the attacking midfielder will have to opt for an away move.
The Welsh speedster, who mainly operates on the left wing, has already declared desire to move out of White Hart Lane and with Real Madrid and Barcelona preparing bids for him, it’s just a matter of time before Gareth Bale is bought off from Tottenham Hotspur.
According to Robbie Savage, compatriot Gareth Bale should leave Tottenham Hotspur if he desires to “reach the next level” of excellence.
“Tottenham fans will not thank me for saying this, but Gareth Bale will have to quit Spurs if he is to fulfill his potential,” Robbie Savage wrote the Daily Mirror.
“Tottenham know that, one day, they may not be able to hang on to Bale because, in my opinion, he is already among the top six players in the world – and his stock is rising.
“For Bale to reach the next level, and become a superstar in his own right, I’m afraid he will have to move from White Hart Lane.”
Gareth Bale has been in phenomenal form for club and country since the beginning of the season having scored 19 goals in 33 appearances. His impressive form has linked him top notch clubs from all over Europe, such as Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Reports suggest the 23-year-old midfielder is set to move into Real Madrid this summer, but with other clubs ready to break their banks for Gareth Bale as well there is no final confirmation on where he would be going.
There is a slight chance Gareth Bale would extend his stay at Tottenham Hotspur, but for that to happen Andre Villas-Boas must confirm Champions League action next season. 
“Keeping your best players is intimately related to how you foresee your future and the objectives you might get in the season,” Andre Villas-Boas said on retaining Gareth Bale earlier this week. “Hopefully we can do just that by qualifying for the Champions League and continuing to progress on what we are doing.
“It’s difficult for us to have a player of this dimension playing so well, and it is difficult for other teams, with the economic situation, to buy a player of this dimension. At the moment we are very fortunate to have him.
“I think we can reach our objectives with him at this level and if we reach our objectives, we can hopefully continue to have Gareth in our club.”
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