Gary Pinkel DWI and the best (worst?) athlete mug shots

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel gets DWI and athlete mug shots

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As you've probably heard by now, Missouri's head football coach got picked up last night for a DWI while driving 25 minutes away from home last night. Now drunk driving is never funny. Way too many people get injured or killed each year by drunk drivers, and Pinkel is lucky he didn't hurt anyone.

What is funny, however, are athlete mug shots. Pinkel's is actually pretty average as far as muggers go--kind of like the Matt Cassel of mug shots.

Here are some of the best, for your viewing pleasure.

1. We might as well start with Mr. Tyson. Ya know, I always thought that you showed the right side of your head in mug shots, but I guess they REALLY wanted a close up on that lovely tattoo. By the time this gem was taken in 2006, when Tyson was arrested for DUI and cocaine possession, the former heavyweight champion was already a mug-shot veteran. 

2. And now, John Daly. Daly was arrested in 2008 for being drunk outside of a Hooters. With that orange jumpsuit and the manboobs, Daly could almost pass as a waitress. It's hard to believe that Daly was once a major winner, and now he spends his time sending buckets of balls in the water in Australia.
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Easylike wrote:
  My favorite


It's sloth! 

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  My favorite


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 The Sanders pic makes me giggle. Out loud. 

I have a few more that tickle me...

Jim McMahon (Pedobear?)...and what happened to his eyebrows?

And is it my imagination or is Rae Caruth a long lost member of the Conehead family?

OK so this next one doesn't tickle me, but it's probably the most famous mugshot on the planet:

I could do this all day....but I won't. I'll save some for the other commenters. However, CBS has a pretty good list too, if you want to browse through them.