Geno Smith...the Next Peyton?

Geno Smith... the Next Peyton?

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Sep 22, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith (7) throws a pass against the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY SportsBefore all you fans have an aneurism from my title, let me explain. After just four games Geno Smith is being bombarded by analysts and fans stating that he is not the guy and is as good or bad as Sanchez. If we are going by that logic than Peyton Manning was no better in his rookie season.

In the first 4 games of his NFL career Geno has thrown 4 touchdowns and 8 INTs. By any standards that is bad, but not unfixable. If you look at Peyton Mannings numbers in his rookie year he threw 26 touchdowns and had 28 INTs which is far from the 16 TD 0 INT guy we see every Sunday. The thing fans fail to realize is that although Geno is not playing at the standard we all have been praying for, you can not give up on him just yet.

If you go back to the end of Peyton's rookie season, many Colts fans were calling for Manning to be cut and thought he was going to be awful. Yet, today they view him as one of the best QBs in their franchises history. This is because they stuck with him and he developed over time.
Now could Geno have a turn around like Peyton did...sure he most definitely can turn this season around and fix his mistakes.. Can he continue throwing these INTs? Yes, Geno can also most certainly continue down this dark path. The thing is, you have to give the rookie....and I reiterate ROOKIE, some time to develop and fix his mistakes.

Sadly everyone has to sit back and watch what unfolds as the season progresses. If Geno turns it around and becomes the permanent starter and starts winning games left and right. I expect all these analysts and fans to be saying they knew all along that Geno was this good and that they can't believe people would say otherwise.

In my own opinion, Geno will turn it around and will certainly prove many of the people doubting him wrong. We will have to see if Geno comes out and plays against ATL or if he is more protective of the ball. Either way we will just have to see if he has it in him to turn it around and possibly become the franchise QB.
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