George Karl says Nuggets were wrong to fire him

George Karl: Nuggets, you screwed up

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May 8, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl reacts during the press conference announcing him NBA coach of the year at the Pepsi Center.  Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY SportsGeorge Karl, the reigning NBA Coach of the Year, has finally opened up a bit about his recent firing from the Denver Nuggets.

As you might expect, Karl thinks that the Nuggets were stupid to fire him. This shouldn't really come off as a huge surprise. Between the fact that most people think it would be dumb for their company to fire him, and also the fact that he had just won the highest award available in his profession, it would make sense for people to make the case that Karl getting fired was a bit ridiculous. He had won Coach of the Year a month prior, and led the Nuggets to a franchise record of 57 wins.

What else could possibly have been expected of him in Denver?

"I think [former Nuggets GM] Masai [Ujiri] and [team president] Josh [Kroenke] both thought it was easy to win. It is not easy to win. I had felt since the trade deadline that Masai and Josh were over here and we were here and it seemed like we were getting further and further apart. But I thought it was just my paranoia and just coaching. It seemed like I would piss them off with what I said in the papers or how I handled the game or whatever. But the harmony of our team, I thought, was in a very good place."

Like Karl says, it's definitely not easy to win in the NBA. Especially with a young team like the Nuggets that lacked a true superstar.

Karl also discussed a couple of other coaching jobs that, in his mind, indicate a terrifying trend in the NBA. The Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers also fired their coaches, despite rather impressive 56-win seasons for each team.

"It might be the right stuff for Josh Kroenke, but it's the wrong stuff for the game of basketball. And it's sick and a little sad that coaches are losing this much respect or appreciation. I don't think the game is going to be healthy if we continue down this path of blowing up coaches who have done well."

What do you think? Are teams too quick to fire their coaches in the NBA? Should coaches have a longer leash? Or is this just how business is done these days?
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Everyone is trying to find the next Tom Thibodeau. I thought Brian Shaw was that guy, but not even he's getting a job. It's a joke that Hollins and Del Negro are looking for work.

Not taking anything away from Doc Rivers success, but how great was he before the front office in Boston acquired some all-star caliber players? And how many titles did that big 3 win there?