George Lucas' Daughter Should Not Be Trifled With
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I'm Convinced Jar Jar Binks Had Something To Do With This

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Occasionally you here about about the sons or daughters of famous people doing things that you'd never expect. I think Patty Hearst saddling up with the Symbionese Liberation Army still takes the cake, but this one is pretty close.

George Lucas' daughter, Amanda, who had cameos in the three later Star Wars films, is an MMA fighter.

I assume this is revenge for Jar Jar Binks. I mean, whatever explanation is there?

By the way, if you think she's another Gina Carrano because she made cameos in Star Wars, keep looking buddy. Here's a photo of Amanda mixing it up. Not even CGI can help that.

By the way guys, she has a bodybuilder fiancé. So hands off.

Anyway, she made her MMA debut this weekend at the Princesses of Pain event at the Auckland Boxing Association Stadium in New Zealand. It was slightly less hyped than Kimbo Slice's fight on CBS.

She was pitted against Kiwi kickboxer Nicole Kavanagh in the 73kg MMA contest, which means absolutely nothing to me.

Just so you know, 20/20 also covered the event for a future news segment, so there will be video of this bloody mess soon enough. Personally, I could do without it.

By the way, in case you can't tell from the photo, she lost.

Daughter of Geroge Lucas in Auckland Fight [Stuff]
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6/3/08   |   belindad

Amanda Lucas did such a great job here in NZ, she was a team player and supported all the girls who were representing America, she stayed in a hostel and did every-thing they did. It was really tough on all the fighters we are building a league and filming a reality tv program and the reality is we are doing it on no budget. So ALL the fighters were committed and dedicated to the cause including Amanada. She looked great all week in training, she is powerful and has a powerlifting background so her strength were an asset. She is a novice but her skill is of a good level for a first fight and her heart is strong.

Amanda got nervous it is that simple, she is a great person and just as human as the rest of us she choked but that doesnt mean she cant fight. Amanda took some big blows there is no doubt about that but as a league where safety is first we had the medics and ref watching very closely and her team captain and Amanda were both asked if they wanted to throw the towel in. Amanda responded every time the she wanted to fight on, but at any time if we felt she was in danger we would have stopped it regardless. She was messed up the next day but it was just brusiing nothing broken nothing serious, she was rechecked before she flew out and today she called me to tell me she is in training right now for her next fight. I have no idea where or when that will be but i know any promoter who works with her will admire the person she is and the heart she has for the sport. She won an award for most couragous fighter of the year (in our ring).

Sorry if this submission sounds stupid its been one heck of a week filming 20/20 plus a reality series plus having all the media coming at us.

Look out for Amanda she is going to do well in this sport if given the time to grow

6/3/08   |   davidofcumberland

It's not "whatever reason", it's "what other reason".  Checking over your work twice never hurt anybody.

6/3/08   |   primo   |   1 respect

All of the aggression she had after the rwviews of the latest trilogy. Someone needs to back up her father.

6/2/08   |   Jess   |   34921 respect

Jon, that deserves like 7,000 TU - My laptop is lucky I hadn't just taken a drink of something when I saw it.

6/2/08   |   Jon   |   5 respect

6/2/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

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Jar Jar Binks? No it is because she is still pissed that her dad caved in and had Greedo shoot first. She just preparing herself to beat the bejebus out of her dad's beard to express her displeasure about the matter.


If this was over Jar Jar, then tactical nuclear weapons would have been at play.