Georgetown and K-State Latest High-Seeded Teams Sent Packing

Cinderellas and Swimsuit Models: Just Another Night at the NCAA Tourney

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Blog Photo - Georgetown and K-State Latest High-Seeded Teams Sent PackingTo say that Friday night was entertaining sports-wise would be an understatement. For those of you who weren’t completely riveted by the continuing Goliath beatdown being administered by NCAA Basketball Tournament Davids, there was also the USA soccer team taking an almost must-win World Cup qualifier over Costa Rica in snowy Colorado as well as plenty of NBA and NHL action. In short, it was one of those evenings where you were happy to be marooned on your couch with a beer in one hand and clicker in the other. But let’s get back to this insane basketball tourney.
Day two of March Madness more than lived up to the excitement generated by day one. Things were kicked off in pedestrian fashion with Duke dispatching SUNY Albany 73-61. But this was followed directly with yet another of the Dirty Dozen (the 12 seeds) taking down a number 5 as Ole Miss, led by yappy guard Marshall Henderson, wrecked more brackets by beating cult fave Wisconsin by 11. Temple and Creighton won hard-fought games over NC State and Cincinnati respectively, while Miami trounced Pacific. Then the 13-seeded LaSalle Explorers did the Dirty Dozen one better by edging 4-seed Kansas State by two. And later the Big Ten bounced back as both Indiana and Illinois advanced to the round of 32. But all of this was only the appetizer.
Friday night saw a host of really good basketball from the likes of Iowa State, Florida, and Ohio State. North Carolina, San Diego State, and Minnesota also notched victories while Kansas had the bejesus scared out of them before finally pulling away from the Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky. The biggest surprise of the night, though, was reserved for #2-seed Georgetown who got completely ambushed by Florida Gulf Coast University. (Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of this school.) It was as stunning an upset as the tournament’s seen in years. Equally stunning was Florida Gulf Coast’s coach Andy Enfield’s wife, Amanda Marcum Enfield, who, it turns out, is a swimsuit model. She got almost as much air time as Katherine Webb did during Alabama football’s national championship game.  There’s little doubt that with all of the internet buzz about both FGCU and the lovely Ms. Marcum, plenty of folks will be tuning in Sunday to see their second round matchup versus San Diego State. I know I will.
In the meantime, I’m very much looking forward to today’s slate of games. Even if your bracket is a complete disaster, it’s hard not to appreciate just how great the first couple of days of March Madness have been. Enjoy!
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