Georgia Tech to wear honeycomb helmets

Georgia Tech has some new helmets... and they're awesome

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Blog Photo - Georgia Tech to wear honeycomb helmetsThe University of Oregon is known for their outlandish uniforms, but it looks like the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are going to give them a run for their money. Maybe not with the green-on-yellow-on-black jerseys, but these awesome honeycomb helmets.

This picture was actually tweeted out by backup QB Synjyn Days, who indicated that they'd be wearing these on September 3. 

He took it down right away, so it looks like these were supposed to be a secret, but some Georgia Tech bloggers snagged a screen shot before it disappeared.

Personally, I think they're pretty awesome. That having been said, a lot of teams have tried uniform tweaks and they haven't gone all that well. Kudos to Georgia Tech for doing it right.

What do you think of these honeycomb helmets for the Yellow Jackets? Good idea, bad idea, or indifferent?
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