Gerard Houllier believes Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher was very under-rated

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Blog Photo - Gerard Houllier believes Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher was very under-rated
Liverpool vice-captain and veteran defender, Jamie Carragher will play in the final match of his career in the Premier League against Queens Park Rangers at Anfield on Sunday. The former England international has decided to hang up his boots at the end of the season.
Former Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier praised Jamie Carragher for his fine career and recognized him as “a true leader”. Gerard Houllier also believes Jamie Carragher deserves more recognition for his fine skills and impressive technical ability.
Jamie Carragher, who is bringing an end to his 16-year year long run with Liverpool, will become a TV pundit. Gerard Houllier, who managed Liverpool from 1998 to 2004, had a lot to in the upbringing of Jamie Carragher.
Jamie Carragher played as a left-back under Gerard Houllier before Rafael Benitez arrived at the helm and started using the Englishman as a center-back. The 35-year-old recorded good and regular form under both men.
“He started playing at left-back for me. He improved a lot. I always told him that big center-backs usually start playing in the left or right-back position,” Gerard Houllier told Liverpool’s official website.
“It probably gave him a good reading of the game and he could use the ball. He started playing at Liverpool as a defensive midfield player but wherever you played him you got 100 per cent, even more. He was a true leader.
“He never gives up and whatever the score was he was always there and probably allowed us to make some comebacks in a game.”
Over the years, Jamie Carragher has been recognized as a good leader, but Gerard Houllier feels the defender’s technical abilities should be given a second look. The Frenchman believes Jamie Carragher is extremely underrated.
“Sometimes they underrated his technique and skill. Carra is not only a good reader of the game but also very skillful with the use of the ball,” Gerard Houllier said. “Because he puts 100 per cent effort in all of the time, sometimes he would make a mistake, but he just goes for it. He was an international player, probably not as glamorous as some others, but he was at least as efficient as them.
“His worth ethic is fantastic and he is, as you know, a very loyal person - loyal to his friends, loyal to his family, loyal to the fans, loyal to the club, which is something that's not very usual now.
“He brought trophies to the club and he also brought heart. Carra is a true Liverpool warrior. I also like his generosity. I mean, not many people know how generous he can be. When he had his testimonial, he gave all of the money to charity.
“For the community and for the fans, he is someone who is very open and very generous. And last but not least, there is his sense of humor, because when Carra is around there's always a laugh and a joke. He has a great sense of humor - a Scouse sense of humor.”
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