Giants beat Packers, win fourth straight

Giants remain hot, beat Packers to earn fourth straight win

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Nov 17, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (90) runs back an interception against the Green Bay Packers for a touchdown during the fourth quarter of a game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports0-6 seems like a season ago.

The New York Giants continued their run that has them as the hottest team in the NFC East, defeating the Green Bay Packers 27-13 at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. This was, all things considered, the best overall team performance of New York's campaign. While mistakes were made on offense, those moments were limited. The defense of the Giants brought back Big Blue Wrecking Crew memories. New York emphatically closed the game out with a turnover.

They are still below .500, but they continue to keep up with both the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys in the division.

Giants beat Packers: The game changed...

when Jason Pierre-Paul turned the clock back and made his best play of the season. Pierre-Paul timed a jump perfectly as Green Bay fill-in quarterback Scott Tolzien attempted a pass at the 30-yard line of the Packers with 10:55 left on the clock, grabbing the ball in midair and then rushing down the opposite end of the field for a touchdown. That score gave the Giants a 14-point lead and, more importantly, it squashed any potential Green Bay rally.

The Packers had all of the momentum as they received possession of the football for the second time in the fourth quarter. Eddy Lacy found the end zone for Green Bay's first touchdown of the game two minutes into the final period of play. New York was then stopped on a three-and-out on the following drive. Add in that Tolzien, who was in the midst of his first career start, appeared to be gaining confidence with every throw, and the makings for what could have been a heartbreaking loss for the Giants were swirling around East Rutherford.

JPP has had a rough go of it throughout much of 2013. He looked like the player of old for a handful of seconds on Sunday, and he showed no signs of a back problem that has plagued him since last season. Future New York opponents should be nervous if Pierre-Paul is finally getting to 100 percent both physically and mentally.

Giants beat Packers: Manning

Giants quarterback Eli Manning is getting hot at the right time of the season for a change. The stats only tell half the story. Manning was nearly perfect in the first half, and he wouldn't have been responsible for a turnover had Louis Murphy not run the incorrect route in the red zone. Murphy being on the field while New York is in the middle of a scoring opportunity is something that should probably be discussed at another time, but I digress.

Manning, normally one of the cooler customers in the game, was wearing his emotions on his sleeve on Sunday. He uncharacteristically celebrated his first quarter touchdown with what looked like a guttural yell, and he got in the faces of Murphy and Victor Cruz when he believed that those players had let their QB down. Manning is known for stepping up in the postseason, and every contest is essentially a playoff game for the Giants at the moment.

Who else would you want leading this offense right now?

Giants beat Packers: New Giants?

Some commenting about the game online referred to New York as the “Bizarro Giants.” Tom Coughlin took chances on fourth downs, and the Giants rewarded their coach by converting. New York picked up first downs and touchdowns in short yardage situations. They thrice picked off a quarterback despite not registering even a single sack.

Bizarre indeed.

Some out there will try to no-sell what the Giants are achieving. They'll point out that New York beat what were, when those games took place, three under .500 teams, and that the Giants knocked off the Packers when Aaron Rodgers was unable to play. Those comments are all true, but that information doesn't change the fact that going from 0-6 to 4-6 is extremely difficult regardless of the situations.

Go back a month ago and tell that version of yourself that the Giants are right in the heart of the playoff race. Think that individual would call you crazy?

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