Giants complete historic comeback to eliminate Reds

Giants' NLDS win over Reds makes history that may never be duplicated

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Blog Photo - Giants complete historic comeback to eliminate RedsWhen the Cincinnati Reds lost Game 5 of the NLDS today by a score of 6-4, it wasn't just the only three-game home sweep they lost all season. It was also the most important. And thanks to the San Francisco Giants coming back from being down 0-2 in the NLDS, the Reds made the wrong kind of history that may never be duplicated again.

The Giants ran the table on the road to come back and win the series in Cincinnati, completing a feat that has never happened before. According to STATS LLC, no Major League Baseball team has ever come back from an 0-2 hole in a five-game playoff series by winning all three on the road.

The Giants' 6-4 win over the Cincinnati Reds makes them the first team to ever come back from an 0-2 deficit by winning three consecutive road games. Granted, this is in a 2-3 format of the Division Series that has never been used before and probably will never be used again. This year, the respective AL and NL Division Series went to a unique format wherein the lower-seeded team started the series with two consecutive home games, then the higher-seeded team got three consecutive home games to finish the series. Next year, the Division Series goes back to the traditional 2-2-1 format.

Additionally, no NL team has ever gone down 0-2 in a Division Series and still won it. And neither team won a home game this whole series!

Blog Photo - Giants complete historic comeback to eliminate RedsThe Reds do have some company in blowing a commanding 2-0 lead in a Division Series and then still losing the damned thing. The New York Yankees had the Seattle Mariners down 2-0 in 1995, and still lost the series. The Oakland A's have blown two 2-0 leads in an ALDS, in 2001 to the Yankees and in 2003 to the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox also came back from an 0-2 hole in the 1999 ALDS, beating the Cleveland Indians.

In each of those cases, though, the 0-2 underdog completed their comeback with the benefit of home games. The Giants pulled this series comeback entirely on the road.

The Giants now move on to face either the St. Louis Cardinals or the Washington Nationals for the National League pennant.

Do you want a little more historical significance, San Francisco Giants fans? Today's clinching Game 5 NLDS win over the Reds came on the 61st birthday of your beloved radio announcer Jon Miller.
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Correction...  The 2-3 format was used in the League Championship Series from 1969-1984.  The '82 Brewers became the first team to win the final 3 to win the Pennant when they knocked off the Angels.  However those three were all at home.