Giants not yet talking extension with Eli Manning

Giants not yet ready to talk extension with Eli Manning

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Eli Manning's career with the New York Giants has been sensationally successful, as the mild mannered quarterback has won two Super Bowls and led the team to six winning records in nine seasons as the team's primary starter behind center.

Blog Photo - Giants not yet talking extension with Eli ManningThe 2013 season, however, did not go quite as well as usual for Manning. To be frank, he was horrible. You can blame it on the offensive line - which was also horrible - if you want, but Manning did not do much to make up for the team's deficiencies in protection. He led the league with a crippling 27 interceptions, which is a career high. His abysmal passer rating of 69.4 was the lowest since his rookie year. His 18 touchdowns were also his lowest since his rookie year, and his 3,818 passing yards were his lowest since 2008.

Needless to say, Manning's numbers were awful this year, both by the league's standards and his own. His struggles come at an interesting time, because he has just two years left on the big $106.9 million contract he signed back in 2009. Often times, teams want to get their franchise quarterbacks locked up long-term while avoiding even the possibility of the player going to free agency. In the Giants' case, however, they are not ready to shell out big bucks for Manning just yet.

"That's yet to be said," Giants general manager Jerry Reese said when asked about the possibility of extending Manning's contract. "We don't know what we'll do with respect to that." Coming off what was arguably the worst season of his career (a rookie year with just seven starts doesn't really count), there is little reason to talk extension with Manning at this point. Manning just turned 33 years old, so he'll be 35 by the conclusion of his current contract. For all the Giants know, this could be the beginning of a decline for Manning, and by the time he's 35 they may be looking to go in a different direction behind center.

Manning is arguably a Hall of Fame player, so he is a pretty strong candidate to bounce back next season if the Giants can bolster their pass protection. Manning is not a player who can buy time with speed and athleticism - he needs a decent pocket to throw from, and if he has that, he can be lethal. However, it is worth noting that the Giants are not considering an extension on the heels of his poor season, so it will be interesting to see if Manning can get back to prime form in 2014.
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Eli has been with the Giants for 10 years too? Wow! Where's the magic, is what I am wondering?