Giants' pitcher Chad Gaudin charged with groping

Giants' pitcher Chad Gaudin charged with groping injured woman on stretcher in hospital

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Blog Photo - Giants' pitcher Chad Gaudin charged with gropingThe 2013 San Francisco Giants were already having a terrible letdown of a season, but now they've entered "East Bound and Down" territory. Giants reliever Chad Gaudin -- who is currently in the Giants' starting rotation -- was arrested in Las Vegas for groping a woman. In a hospital. While she was injured and on a gurney. The incident occurred this past January and has just now become public.

The Giants are not taking the news particularly well. After word of the scandal broke earlier today, San Francisco got demolished 7-2 by the New York Mets. Three-time all-star pitcher Matt Cain was yanked in the first inning after just 36 pitches.

But bad has gone to worse. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Chad Gaudin was arrested for lewdness and groping in a January 27 incident that somehow remained secret for months. Gaudin has been charged with "open and gross lewdness". Yes, lewdness can be prosecuted -- even in Las Vegas.

The whole story would be funny, except considering it was probably the low point of the victim's life being both injured and assaulted at the same time. According to the Journal-Review's account, it was 4:30 a.m. and Gaudin began aggressively macking on the victim, who was on a gurney. When he fondled her breast and leg, hospital staff intervened. He had to be restrained, and police were called. Gaudin was allegedly drunk and disoriented, and could not even explain to police why he was in the hospital. (His attorney claims it was kidney problems.)

Blog Photo - Giants' pitcher Chad Gaudin charged with gropingYes, we have a mugshot (at left). Yes, we also have the obligatory statement from Gaudin's attorney saying it was all a huge misunderstanding. "Chad Gaudin was examined in the emergency room of a local hospital while experiencing symptoms believed to be related to acute renal failure," said Gaudin's lawyer in a statement. "Although he has been accused of improperly touching another hospital patient while on the premises that night, there are differing and exonerating versions of what occurred that have been reported by eye witnesses. Mr. Gaudin denies any unlawful conduct and has been cooperating with the authorities."

Chad Gaudin has been married since 2011 to Syndal Gorden, who breaks hearts and confuses spellcheck tools wherever she goes. The couple was featured on a terrible-sounding realty show called "Say Yes to the Dress" while engaged. Ms. Gorden  is stunning, and who knows -- maybe she's on the rebound now!
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