Gilchrist and Davis set to join the upcoming NBA Draft

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It may be possible that this year’s NBA Draft is going to be one of the best ones yet, this comes as a direct result of all the infusion of youth and talent that is coming up in the new upcoming draft and not to mention so many players from the Kentucky Wildcat Champions are planning to try their luck in the Big Leagues this year.
Matt Jones, the Kentucky Sports radio host reported on the matter and he said:
Chad Ford of ESPN reports sources say Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Terrence Jones will declare for the NBA Draft soon
This move marks as a new day in college football as so many players from Kentucky leave college football, John Calipari is the man that has been set with the job of finding new players to fill the gaps in the Kentucky Wildcats.
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Anthony Davis are one and done in the league and there is no doubt left that these two will make an asset to any team that they move into when in the big leagues, as they are definitely ready for the stress, hard play and the pressure that comes while playing in the NBA.
It is also expected that as these two players are so highly rated in college football then it is possible that these two catch the spot for number one and two in the upcoming NBA Draft.
Anthony Davis is also one of those types of players that have dominated the squad ever since he made it into the team and the astonishing fact is that this player still seems to be improving his game with every minute he plays the game.
Anthony Davis was averaging 10 rebounds, five blocks and 14 points per game.
Even Kidd Gilchrist has been producing immeasurable results which mean that the scouts are jut dying to ink this player in.
Still let’s see how the Kentucky Wildcats hold up as right now they are the championship winners and have to keep up with the new banks to keep their name.
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