Gina Carano Working Hard For Fight vs Cyborg [Blog Patrol]
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Gina Carano Is Busy Training For Her Upcoming Fight Against... Whatever That Guy's Name Is [Blog Patrol]

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Gina Carano is working hard, and Showtime is kind enough to post some pictures. [Flickr]

This is quite possibly the greatest way ever to get kicked out of a baseball game. [The Horace Grant Halftime Report]

And this is definitely one of the greatest baseball quotes ever. No lie. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

According to Bill James, we'll all look back and laugh at the Steroids Era in 40 years or so... because we'll all be doing them. [KC Confidential]

Hawaii football coach Greg McMacken is sorry for insulting Notre Dame, their terrible dancing, and homosexuals. [Deadspin]

First 100 female fans at Steelers home games get Big Ben rape whistles. Use them judiciously, though, because they are only audible to people who don't work at ESPN. [MG_Steelers]
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8/4/09   |   rasu_siva


8/4/09   |   mayuresh_jadhav

gina you are the best

8/3/09   |   mweianawere

Gina do your best and you will last him.
Thank you.

8/3/09   |   mweianawere

Gina do your best and you will last him.
Thank you.

7/31/09   |   djjfrench   |   67 respect

 I don't care if she has a head I'd still give'er the ol' 1-2 in the neck stump and whispering eye.

7/30/09   |   NomTomBot

I hope Gina does get her pretty face all bruised up by Cyborg. Cyborg is going to take her head off.