Glen "Big Baby" Davis Crying After Kevin Garnett Lights Up The Bench

Glen "Big Baby" Davis Proves That His Nickname Is Incredibly Appropriate [Video]

12/6/08 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

Everyone knows about the incredible intensity that Kevin Garnett brings to the game every time he steps onto the court. That's no surprise. Unfortunately, not everyone on the Celtics share that same intensity. In fact, some can't even handle it when KG brings it.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis is one of those guys who just can't handle it, as he proves here, as he pouts at the end of the bench after being lit into by KG.

This shows a few things, in my opinion.

#1: Big Baby is a big baby. There are a few guys in this league that have the right to say whatever they want to whomever they want, because everyone knows that they will do anything it takes to win every single basketball game they play. KG is one of those guys. He toiled for years in Minnesota, giving it 100% night in and night out, knowing that it was never going to end up in a championship, because he had no talent around him. Now, he's in Boston, the talent is there, and he's still doing the same thing he has always done. That brings me the the next point.

#2: Kevin Garnett is a great leader. Paul Pierce is the captain, and his affect on the team is immeasurable. But this team belongs to KG, as well. He and Pierce are a two headed beast, with Ray Allen playing the role of a quieter veteran presence. When someone needs to take over a basketball game, it will often be Pierce. But when someone needs to put someone in their place and/or fire up the troops, that's definitely KG.

I attended the Celtics-Magic game last Monday, and it was amazing how much KG talks. Seriously. He does not shut up on the court. While I'm sure this drives his opponents insane, it's absolutely incredible to watch. He pushes all the right buttons, and it's uncanny how he can cut right the the heart of an issue, like when he called out Corey Maggette, saying "way to get your numbers" after the Celtics after the Celtics beat the Warriors. Priceless.

Glen “Big Baby” Davis Crying On The Bench [YouBeenBlinded]
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12/7/08   |   uptown7010

streetballer123 wrote:
I wonder how Glen was when his momma was raising him.

Maybe Glen "BIG BABY" Davis shouldn't have won a Championship so early in his career. Look how long it took Bostons Big Three to get one and he was apart of it just coming into the league. There are far more players that have more to cry about and WISHED they had a teamate to get on their case just to get one Championship before they retired. "Cry Baby" Davis doesn't know how lucky he is.
BIG ups to Coach Doc Rivers for letting the players police them selves.

12/6/08   |   Heyhey1970   |   194 respect

Being a baby must have been in the water in Baton Rouge, because Tyrus Thomas has done nothing but whine and complain since he got to the Bulls.  Scott Skiles couldn't get the guy to run down the court hard.  Tyrus still doesn't know the plays and won't play defense.  

Do it again KG.  Don't put up with that garbage.     

12/6/08   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

taylordanley wrote:
the Celtics would be NOTHING without KG, and him as a coach would be awesome. just imagine... probably the tallest coach in NBA history

Bill Russell was the tallest coach in NBA history. He was also a player-coach.

12/6/08   |   RichmondSpider

The NHL will fine Avery but the Celtics/NBA do nothing about this jerk - yank his pay for a game or two and the sucker will start playing... who in the HELL want's the nickname "Big Baby" anyway... Geeze!

12/6/08   |   taylordanley   |   6 respect

the Celtics would be NOTHING without KG, and him as a coach would be awesome. just imagine... probably the tallest coach in NBA history

12/6/08   |   evilgenius328

Big Baby should be placed on the IR with a broken heart after that BS last night.  Someone slap a nipple in his mouth quickly before he starts crying again. 

12/6/08   |   Chief_aka_James   |   3307 respect

I agree with pretty much everything above about Garnett. It's funny to think though, with how good of a leader KG is, how much he talks, how he pushes the right buttons, etc., imagine him as a coach some day.

12/6/08   |   streetballer123   |   3566 respect

I wonder how Glen was when his momma was raising him.