Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers Fight

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Blog Photo - Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers FightWith 6 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter of a 95-85 game, the Indiana Pacers and Golden State Warriors game got a little heated under the basket with Roy Hibbert and David Lee fighting over a rebound. It appeared Lee may have shoved Hibbert first to which Roy responded with a forearm to the chest of Lee and it only escalates from there.

Stephen Curry decided it was a smart idea to hold Hibbert back, but then received a blow to the face courtesy of Hibbert's elbow and then once again when he attempted to retaliate after the first hit.

It seems like the Warriors are beginning to hit their wall - after such a promising beginning to the season, the Warriors keep falling in the standings, and this following news of Andrew Bogut adding another injury to his resume. 

Enough about my explanation, take a look for yourselves and be the judge - who deserves to get suspended? Does anyone? Or is this just some good, old-fashioned hard-nosed basketball? 
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Maybe a fine or two for a couple players.  Lee was the instigator because he was pissed about a no-call he didn't get on the previous possession, but Hibbert was clearly the aggressor. Curry was tryin to break it up, and Hibbert shoved him away and Steph reacted.  Hibbert might get a game suspension.