Golden State Warriors fans boo their owner offstage

Golden State Warriors fans hilariously boo their owner offstage during Chris Mullin tribute

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Well, now the Golden State Warriors owner knows how Ashlee Simpson feels. Warriors owner Joe Lacob was drowned out with a chorus of boos Monday night during a halftime ceremony to retire the jersey of Warriors legend Chris Mullin. The booing lasted several minutes, and not even Mullin himself could not calm the harsh tirade of Warriors' fans booing.

You may not know Joe Lacob, but the Warriors' owner is that fellow standing there next to Chris Mullin, looking like he's hating life. What you cannot see in that image to the right are the 20,000 Golden State Warriors fans in the background, booing their lungs out and bringing all manner of hate on the poor guy.

How unpopular is Warriors owner Joe Lacob right now, after trading Monta Ellis? "My fiancee is mad at me," Lacob told the San Francisco Chronicle. "She hasn't talked to me in two days."

It was all supposed to be a lovey-dovey and touchy-feely affair Monday night at the Warriors' Oracle Arena. The Warriors were retiring the No. 17 jersey of Chris Mullin in a halftime ceremony. Mullin, now an ESPN analyst, is still massively beloved by the Warriors fan base.

Lacob grabbed the microphone to say a few words to close out the halftime ceremony. Warriors fans are still seething over the Monta Ellis trade. What could possibly go wrong?

As you can see in the video below, everything went wrong. Even when ex-Warriors greats grabbed the microphone to try to hush the fans, those fans kept booing like it was an Amy Winehouse concert in Serbia.
First, just Lacob stands there and lets the fans boo him silly for nearly a whole entire minute. He is totally unaware how to react to this situation. He occasionally tries to begin a word, he gets one syllable in, then gives up and just fidgets self-consciously some more.

Eventually Lacob begins his speech by acknowledging the boos, saying, "Now that we've got that over with." Oh, has he got another thing coming.

Soon a fan screams, "We want Monta!!!" loud enough so the whole arena can hear. And Lacob visibly gets one of those depressed expressions Charlie Brown gets when his tiny, inadequate Christmas tree falls over. The boos resume so loudly that Lacob can no longer speak.

Mullin comes out to center stage and -- I swear to God I am not making this up -- gives Lacob a big hug. "I got it," Mullin tells Lacob. Mullin then pleads to the fans to stay supportive and passionate. The fans respond positively.

Mullin again takes his seat, and boos resume even louder than before. Ex-Warrior Rick Barry then grabs the microphone and admonishes the fans to, "Show a little bit of class!"

That never works!

Lacob, to his credit, is facing the music (and the shouts of "You suck!"). Lacob appeared Tuesday morning on KNBR's Gary and Larry Show.

"No one wants to be booed. Last night was not easy,"  Lacob said on the program. "I mean, to be booed by what felt like 20,000 people, live and in person. If you just want to do a quiet job in front of a computer, you can do that. This is what I wanted."

"I don’t think I would have booed me," Lacob continued. "Maybe I would have. Maybe a little bit."

So on the night that the Golden State Warriors retired Chris Mullin's jersey, they probably also retired Joe Lacob's public speaking career.
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well the fans got it right, He does suck