Golden Tate admits to mistake against the Green Bay Packers

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Until now, Golden Tate has stuck his guts with the referees’ decision in the final moments of Seattle Seahawks’ 14-12  victory against the Green Bay Packers Monday night. So why the sudden change of heart?
The Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate has changed his stance on the 24-yard touchdown reception by referees he was erroneously awarded instead of an interception for Green Bay Packers defensive backs M.D. Jennings. Golden Tate acknowledged that he didn’t have the ball possession first and got away without a penalty on Monday. However, game night   Golden Tate refused from recognizing that verdict was flawed when he was questioned by the media if during the play, he had pushed off against Green Bay Packers defensive back Sam Shields.
Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll insisted that Golden Tate’s reaction immediately following the game was quite appropriate considering he did not know much about the situation then.
"I thought he handled himself as well as he could considering the craziness of the circumstances," said Pete Carroll. “I've been with him… and we've gone through this to make sure he's solid and all. I think he's going to be just fine.”
“I think he's very humble and excited to be in this opportunity,” summed up Pete Carroll.
Golden Tate has been relentlessly criticized across all social and news mediums for playing dirty. The pressure must have finally go to him so that he’s ready to come clean.
"A lot of people would just like for me to come out and say, 'I did not catch that ball’. The evidence shows on the film. But I never had intentions on cheating,” stated Golden Tate. “I wasn't trying to cheat. I was competing, it was in the moment.”
The speed of the game and significance of the moment had blinded him temporarily, according to Golden Tate.
“I didn't try to hurt him or push him down to the ground, but it happened,” said Golden Tate. “It was just a reaction kind of thing.”
The referees’ erroneous decision had been the breaking point for the NFL fans, players and coaches who had been frustrated by the three-weeks of inexperienced officiating carried out by the replacement officials.
“At that point, it was just like backyard football – find a way to get the ball,” Golden Tate justified his Monday night’s actions. “I didn't intentionally try to shove him (Green Bay Packers defender) to the ground.”
Confusion erupted on-field following the play as each referee stood apart on his decision for the play. Side judge Lance Easley signaled a touchdown on basis of simultaneous possession, but back judge Derrick Rhone-Dunn signaled to stop the clock. The decision went on for a reviewing until it was announced that the referee’s touchdown verdict still stood.
This being the second consecutive week Golden Tate has been cited for an on-field controversy also appears to weigh against him since the masses weren’t pleased with his prior crushing block on Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker Sean Lee,  that earned him a $21,000 penalty by the league.
Golden Tate claimed that it has been “tough” for him to digest the broad criticism but his “family in the locker room” serves as a comforting thought at the end of the day.
"I've been called a cheater, I don't have any dignity, I'm not a Christian, a lot of hurtful things," Golden Tate recalled some of the remarks that had cut him deep.
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