Good Vibrations

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See there? No need to be worried. There's going to be some rough spots in the road occasionally. It's expected, but things are always going to end up turning in my favor. But it's like I've said a ton of times already, and will say a ton more before I'm done: One good day doesn't end a slump any more than one bad day puts an end to a hot streak. Yes, a 3-0 day is great "therapy", but it doesn't get that worm completely turned yet. So, let's get on tonight's schedule and see if there's anything out there worth jumping on.


COLLEGE FOOTBALL (1-0 last night)

Notre Dame (+10) vs. Alabama - There are 2 things you just don't do: 1.) Bet against Coach Saban when he has extra time to get his team ready, and B.) Bet against God. Those "rules" leave me in a rea quandary for the big game tonight, so I'll just be sitting here with my feet up, my cold beverages and snacks and just enjoying the spectacle.


THE NBA (3-2 yesterday)

I must admit there's some weird looking stuff in the numbers for tonight's games.


SU WINNERS (3-2 yesterday)

Thunder, KNICKS, Cavs, Spurs, Mavs, KINGS and BLAZERS


TOTALS (3-2 yesterday)

OVERS - Spurs/HORNETS (194) and Grizzlies/KINGS (189)

UNDERS - Thunder/WIZARDS (193), Celtics/KNICKS (193), Cavs/BULLS (185 1/2), Mavs/JAZZ (198 1/2) and Magic/BLAZERS (191 1/2)


BUTTA (1-0 last night)

Spurs/HORNETS (O 194) - Yeah, that's right. A TOTALS play, but I think I've got a good handle on this one. I don't particularly care for the "side", which is Spurs (-8), because it lays right down on my projection. I do like the TOTAL though because the Spurs don't seem as worried about playing defense on the road. In their last 10 road games, the Spurs have given up more than 98 points in 9 of them. I think it's pretty safe to say the Spurs will win this game, and if they continue this defensive trend on the road, the TOTAL will far surpass the posted number. Spurs 103, HORNETS 95



1. WIZARDS (+11) vs. Thunder - Really? My head tells me this is a mismatch in the Thunder's favor. My numbers tell a different story. I suppose OkC on a b2b against a team that's clearly inferior to them might do just enough to win. Thunder 97, WIZARDS 92

2. KNICKS (-6) over Celtics - There's a lot in play here for this game, and if all falls into place, I might be able to squeeze out a play here. Rondo is facing another possible suspension, and that's huge, but 'Melo is still nursing a sore knee and is listed as "questionable" for tonight's game. If Rondo is forced to sit, and 'Melo goes, this sure looks like a Knicks win to me. KNICKS 105, Celtics 85

3. Cavs (+8 1/2) at BULLS - The Cavs have a lot more fire with Kyrie Irving, but there still missing Varejao a great deal. Even so, I'm just not impressed with the Bulls ability to pull away from opponents like this number says they should. Cavs 88, BULLS 87

4. Mavs (+5) at JAZZ - There's trouble in Big D, and it's not Tony Romo's fault this time. Dirk is talking trade, and that can't be good for the chemistry in the locker room, and that could be the last straw for this team. We've already seen that they have no chemistry on the court. They're back to being "soft" again, and they are having a huge problem closing games out. Mavs 99, JAZZ 98

5. KINGS (+3 1/2) vs. Grizzlies - If I was interested in gambling, I'd take the Kings on the money line to win this game. With Cousins performing at a high level since reinstatement from his team imposed suspension, and the kind of energy the Kings play with at home, I think they can win this game outright. KINGS 99, Grizzlies 95

6. Magic (+6 1/2) at BLAZERS - Portland will be glad to be back home after a relatively lengthy road trip, and without Glen Davis in the Magic lineup, the Blazers should be able to make some hay here. In fact, I thought this was going to be a play initially, but this will be the Blazers 5th game in 7 nights, and I don't want to mess with that. BLAZERS 96, Magic 91


With nothing going in tonight's "Big Game", I've already made my last play in college football for the 2012 season. It was a good way to end things with a win, and as we look back on the way the season transpired, we see that I ended up with a 31-20 investment record with the kids. That's pretty awesome anyway, but when you consider I started off in the first month at 3-7, you can see how really awesome it was. You're welcome! Have a great evening, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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