Goran Dragic says Jeff Hornacek deserves to be the Coach of the Year

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsCoaches who are distinguished in the NBA usually have long lists of achievements under their belt. That is what makes them stand out among the others. And these come with time, so they are naturally seasoned veterans and have spent a long time with the league.
In case of Phoenix Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek, his time with the league is small and is relatively new. He has been with the Phoenix Suns for just a year and has already proven himself to be a very talented coach. The way the team has progressed and improvements and good decisions the franchise has made have all Hornacek written on it.
The Suns were predicted to be a total dud this season. They were thought to be the losers and the worst in the Western Conference, just like they were last season. Hornacek took over and after implementing many changes to the team, including 10 new players to the roster, he proved the critics wrong and they are currently have an impressive 30-21 record and are the 7th seed in the conference, which is nothing short of a miracle for a team whose performance last year was fruitless, which had wasted talent in it and whose teamwork was in shambles.
The team is pretty grateful to Hornacek as well and many compliment him on his ability to get the team back on its feet and winning games. Suns point guard Goran Dragic said that the majority of success the team had enjoyed was because of Hornacek as their head coach.
Dragic said Hornacek was a great coach who knew who games were played. He said he gave room to the players and that allowed them to be confident in their abilities and was never one to pressure them into anything, instead trusting his players and their decisions.
"He's an unbelievable coach.He had a lot of experience as an NBA player and understands the game. He understands how the players feel. He gives us that freedom. Even if you're not a shooter or don't shoot the ball well,” Drajic said, “he gives you the confidence that if you're open you have to shoot because that's the best shot that we're going to get on the court.”
He said the results were bare for everyone to see and now they were really starting to shine.
"You can see what he's done with all of us and all of our players. He gives us that confidence and swagger on the court,” Drajic said about Hornacek. 
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