Government shutdown puts Air Force-Navy game at risk

Now that the government shutdown is putting football games at risk, this needs to stop

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Sep 21, 2013; Colorado Springs, CO, USA; Air Force Falcons quarterback Jaleel Awini (12) pitches the football to running back Jon Lee (24) against the Wyoming Cowboys in the second quarter at Falcon Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY SportsThe headline is a bit of a joke. Obviously, this government shutdown needs to end for a lot more reasons aside from messing with college football games.

But the impact that this shutdown could potentially have on the service schools, particularly the Naval Academy, is absolutely ridiculous.

This weekend, Air Force is scheduled to visit Navy, while Army is scheduled to make a trip to Chestnut Hill to play the Boston College Eagles.

Due to the government shutdown, travel costs for the service academies are no longer funded, so Air Force and Army can't fly to their games at Navy and Boston College, respectively, unless they acquire outside sources of funding.

I'm not sure exactly how much the travel costs are for these teams, but if the Air Force-Navy game is cancelled, it could cost Navy around $4 million in lost revenue.

It seems like it would be a wise business decision, despite the shutdown, to find a way to make these games happen. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's possible to get the players to the games for cheaper than $4 million, so that would be the most financially prudent decision.

The Air Force Academy has actually set aside funds specifically for their football team that are separate from government funds, so it really wouldn't be that difficult to make this game happen. But at this point, it's a perception thing, and they're not sure they want to project the image that playing football is more important than the thousands of jobs that are being interrupted due to the shutdown.

This is getting ridiculous. I'm not going to get all political here, but just let these kids play, please.
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