Great first week of college football, to bad for most teams the season ended there!!!

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We hear it every year why college football is the best out of all college sports, and how a playoff system was not needed. True, there will be a play-off system starting in 2014, just not soon enough. So here we are at the end of the first week of college football, all ready 90% of the teams in 1-A is out of the hunt for a national championship.

   Yeah that is right out of the 119 teams in 1-A only 7 of therm really have a shot fighting for the top two spots to play for the national championship. Again remind me why sport analyst and fans alike stated over the last 10 years or so that ever game matters in college football unlike any other sport??? I still do not see when 90% of the schools have all ready been knocked out for contention of the brass ring. This will be another crazy season where people will yammer at the end of the year saying so-and-so should have made it in the championship game. As it looks right now USC is trying to make a statement that they belong after com gin off suspension and can now play in the national championship.

 Boise St. lost in week 1 so we will not hear how they should be consider for a major bowl game this year, or shall we. Yes, they did lose but 17-13 to number 13 seed Michigan St. does show they can play with the bigger schools. If two plays change they could have won by 3, no I am not saying they are a great team, but the argument has allows been about them being able to play with bigger schools. Right I know know in their right mind will say they can play with USC or 'Bama who shown everyone why they are number 1 and 2 respectively. Truthfully you cannot tell much from a lot of these warm up games that was played this past week, we really have to see how things go yince the top 10 play teams who have a chance of competing.

Still the 90% of schools who do not have chance of a national title, you can say well yince there is a play-off system we may have a chance. Still you wonthave a chance for only the top 4 will go, and you will still be in  the 90% which will be knocked out of the chance to play for the title at the end of week 1.
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